University of New South Wales

Sydney, Australia

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Ranked the #1 University in Australia, The University of New South Wales, also known as UNSW is a university situated in Kensington, a suburb in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The School

All the large universities in Australia are quite similar or "standard". UNSW is an urban campus situated near Bondi Beach and about 15 minutes (taxi) from downtown Sydney and the Harbour. The campus consists of several buildings and is very lush and green. All amenities that a typical university has are offered and the business program is recognized as one of the best in New South Wales. The staff in the study abroad office is friendly and responsive.

The City

Sydney is a very sprawling city in South Eastern Australia. It is a beautiful city with a tropical feel and the downtown region is located on the harbour. There is much to do in the city and because of the open, friendly attitude of the residents, it is a great place to live. Because the city is a major tourist destination, there are many festivals and activities throughout the year. The botanical garden (near downtown) is very impressive and should not be missed.

Term Dates

Typical Australian calendar:
late February to early July;
July to November


English- although you will definitely learn many words you have never heard before. Opportunity to take foreign language courses at the school.

Courses Available

Most graduate ("postgraduate") business courses at UNSW, with the exception of the MBA courses are open for exchange students. There are a few course restrictions: courses with MFIN codes are not open for exchange students and courses with GBAT or MARK6xxx codes require a few years of work experience. Exchange students usually select courses from a Master of Commerce degree. There are many good courses to choose from in Finance, Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship.

Internship Program - There is also the opportunity to have UNSW arrange an internship for a fee (approximately A$2,000). The internship is considered “extra” credit and will not count toward the MIB/MSM degree requirements.

Credit Conversions & Grading

Minimum Credit Requirements

Minimum 24 Units of Credit (equivalent to 12 UF credits).


The Internship Program is NOT part of exchange agreement. Students who wish to participate on the Internship Program must pay an internship fee (approximately A$2,000) directly to the UNSW Study Abroad Office. The internship program credits (6 UNSW Units of Credit = 3 UF Credits) are considered "transfer" credit by the University of Florida. The internship is considered “extra” credit and will not count toward the MIB/MSM degree requirements.

Estimated Costs


The Accommodation Services Central Office assists students to find accommodation while they are at UNSW. In addition to managing the University's accommodation they also keep a database of off-campus accommodation in the local area and provide general tenancy advice and brochures on temporary accommodation, hotels, hostels, homestay and real estate agents. View the UNSW Accommodation website for more information.


Australian Dollar.

Travel Opportunities

Downtown Sydney is easily reached through public transportation and taxis. Kingsford Smith International Airport serves Sydney domestically with flights to Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and other Australian cities along with international flights to New Zealand and other Southeast Asian cities.

Contacts Abroad

UNSW Global Education and Student Exchange Office
Ground Floor, East Wing, Red Centre Building
The University of New South Wales
Kensington, Sydney 2052
Phone: +61 2 9385 7276
Email (advisor4americas at