MS ISOM Program STEM Accredited

The Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) program at the University of Florida prepares students to thrive in the age of big data. Technology advancements have put companies across the world in position to grow their businesses quickly, and they're always in search of employees with the skills to discover effective methods and innovate strategies that help them take the next step.

Limited scholarship opportunities available to highly qualified students.

STEM Accredited

Our STEM-accredited program provides intensive preparation to make sure our graduates are ready to help companies use this data to their advantage. And the numbers prove it. With a placement rate of 100 percent for domestic students and starting salaries between $60,000-100,000, the entrance to Hough Hall is often filled with recruiters from consulting firms, government agencies, industry firms, and others trying to find the next standout employee from our program's population.

Our Graduates are in Demand

Graduates of our program leave with skills that are in high demand. We offer three tracks – Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, and Business Intelligence and Analytics – that are strategically designed to prepare students for life in the business world. Students gain the necessary skills to become a Data Analyst, IT Manager, Information Systems Specialist, or many other careers.

The demand for these positions continues to increase. As management executives see the value of information systems and supply chain principles, it makes graduates from our program more valuable to their companies and opens doors for future opportunities. But it's not just about providing the skills. Through rigorous preparation, our programs develop confidence in students that they can thrive in their desired industry.

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