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Former Ph.D. Students

Our former students have gone on to have amazing academic careers. In multiple cases our former students have won early career awards, and several have gone on to serve on editorial boards of top-tier journals. In fact two of our very recent graduates were recently appointed to the editorial boards of the Academy of Management Journal and Personnel Psychology, respectively. Our students have a solid track record of producing publications – as of 2013 our former students had authored 391 academic articles, 164 of them appearing in top tier journals. Our former students have also been able to secure positions at top universities. Below is a list of our former students’ academic placements.

Graduation Student Placement
2016 Mishari Alnahedh Kuwait University
2016 Randall Croom Stetson University
2016 Jaclyn Koopmann Auburn University
2015 Alex Rubenstein University of Memphis
2015 Le (Betty) Zhou University of Minnesota
2014 James Van Scotter II University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
2013 David Long College of William & Mary
2012 Swapnil Garg Indian Institute of Management
2012 Ryan Klinger Old Dominion University
2012 Jennifer Knippen University of Virginia
2011 Eean Crawford University of Iowa
2011 Lauren Simon Portland State University
2010 Charlice Hurst University of Western Ontario
2010 Jessica Mehthot Rutgers University
2010 Jessica Rodell University of Georgia
2009 Beth Livingston Cornell University
2009 Pauline Schilpzand Oregon State University
2009 Cindy Zapata Georgia Tech
2008 Erin Fluegge Southern Missouri State
2007 Nathan Podsakoff University of Arizona
2007 Brent Scott Michigan State University
2006 Richard Gentry Mississippi State University
2006 Bruce Rich Cal State University, San Marcos
2005 Thomas Greckhamer Louisiana State University
2005 Christine Jackson Purdue University
2005 Ronald Piccolo Rollins College
2004 Eric Fong University of Alabama - Huntsville
2004 John Shaw Jacksonville University
2003 Remus Ilies National University of Singapore
2002 Vilmos Misangyi Penn State
2001 Misty Loughry Clemson University


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