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Current Ph.D. Students

  • Mishari Alnahedh

    3rd Year Student
    211A Stuzin Hall
    Email (mishari.alnahedh at


    Mishari most recently has earned his M.B.A in Strategy, Finance, and Economics from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. He also holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas. Mishari's work experience includes private equity, venture capital, corporate and project finance in international settings at Kuwait Finance House. Before starting his M.B.A at Chicago Booth, Mishari worked as a research and teaching assistant in the College of Business Administration at Kuwait University. His current research interests include the resource-based view of the firm, mergers and acquisitions, firm growth strategies, and entrepreneurship.
  • Randall Croom

    3rd Year Student
    211F Stuzin Hall
    Email (randall.croom at


    Randall holds a B.S. In Management and an M.B.A. from Florida A&M University. Randall's work experience includes marketing and product management at Helmer, Inc., distribution management with Target Corporation, and other work at Sunbeam Products, Butler University, and as a novelist. His current research interests include motivation, quality of work life, justice, achievement, person-organization fit, selection, and attitudes.
  • Trevor Foulk

    2nd Year Student
    211A Stuzin Hall
    Email (trevor.foulk at


    Trevor holds a bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA), Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Massachusetts. Prior to joining the Doctoral Program, Trevor was the owner and CEO of Atlantic Edge, Inc. (an adventure sports company. Prior to that, Trevor’s work experience was as a software consultant. His research interests include entrepreneurship and strategic decision making.
  • Jaclyn Koopmann

    4th Year Student
    206 Stuzin Hall
    Email (jackie.koopmann at


    Jackie earned her B.S. in Business Administration, summa cum laude, from the College of Charleston and her M.S. in Human Resource Management from Texas A&M University. Prior to entering the doctoral program, Jackie worked for Johnson & Johnson as a financial analyst as well as Chevron as a human resources development program intern. Her current research interests include person-organization fit, gender differences, individual differences, and stress.
  • Yixuan Li

    1st Year Student
    210 Stuzin Hall
    Email ( at


    Yixuan holds a B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration and a combined B.S. in Economics from Peking University. Her current research interests include newcomer adjustment, fit and congruence, team work, leadership, and the micro-foundation of Resource Based Theory.
  • Yihao Liu

    2nd Year Student
    204 Stuzin Hall
    Email (yihao.liu at


    Yihao holds a B.S. in Psychology from Peking University. His current research interests include work-related adjustment, work motivation, leadership, and quantitative research methods.
  • Alex Rubenstein

    5th Year Student
    208 Stuzin
    Email (alex.rubenstein at | CV


    Alex holds a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A.B.A. with a concentration in Human Resources Management from the University of Washington. Prior to entering the doctoral program, Alex worked as a research and teaching assistant in the department of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management of the Foster School of Business. His current research interests include individual differences in intelligence and personality, newcomer socialization and adjustment, employee turnover, and interpersonal relationships at work.
  • James Van Scotter II

    On the Job Market
    211J Stuzin Hall
    Email (james.vanscotter at | CV


    James holds a B.A. degree summa cum laude in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Florida and an M.B.A. degree with concentration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida. Before returning to school James worked for ITT Industries GmbH. in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands and was in the U.S. Air Force in Germany. His research interests include strategic leadership, cognitive perspectives on executive decision making, CEO succession, corporate governance, personality traits of top executives and entrepreneurs, and strategic stakeholder management. He is currently working on his dissertation which will study the impact of CEO hubris, narcissism, and charisma on firm performance, CEO pay, and other important outcomes for firms.
  • Andrew Woolum

    2nd Year Student
    206 Stuzin Hall
    Email (woolum at


    Andrew earned his B.A. and B.S. degrees from Clemson University. He holds Master’s degrees in Forest Resources and Conservation, Management, and International Business, and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Ecology from the University of Florida. For the last 11 years, he has worked in a management capacity for the Florida Park Service. His current research interests include personality and individual differences, social and network relation modeling, and quasi-experimental design.
  • Le Zhou

    5th Year Student
    204 Stuzin
    Email (betty.zhou at


    Le (Betty) holds a B.S. in Psychology from Peking University and an M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Maryland. Prior to entering the management doctoral program, Le worked as a research assistant in the Psychology Department of the University of Maryland. Her current research interests include leadership, work motivation, employee training and development, and quantitative research methods.


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