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Retailing Management Textbook

Professor Barton Weitz, the Executive Director of the Miller Center co-authors the most widely used textbook for teaching retailing management.

Retailing Management, 7th edition

By Michael Levy, Babson College, and Barton Weitz, University of Florida
Published by McGraw-Hill, 2009 ISBN: 0073381047

  • Used by over 500 colleges and universities to teach more than 25,000 students annually
  • Chapters organized around a strategic planning model outlining the key strategic variables and moving to merchandise and store management implementation issues.
  • Discusses latest topics and developments in retailing including globalization; customer relationship management programs; multi-channel retailing; supply chain management, the use of the Internet to improve operating efficiencies and customer service; and legal, ethical and corporate social responsibility issues.
  • Presents a balanced treatment of strategic, "how to," and conceptual material, in a highly readable and interesting format.
  • A "good read" because of the numerous examples of retailers, their practices, the interesting retail facts in the margins, and eye catching design and layout.

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