Retail Student Testimonials

  1. James Ansell

    The Hess Internship was an amazing opportunity providing one of the best work experiences. I participated in a market study of 14 different stores and also learned how to run a store. Additionally, Hess really cared about my development as they sent me to several different areas to participate in training classes. If you think that you would like to be on an accelerated path in an exponentially growing company, Hess is the place for you.

  2. Henry Avendano

    I can assure you that no summer will ever compare to the summer I had with City Furniture. They teach you everything you need to know to succeed. NOTHING compares to the feeling of working with a guest and getting them what they need for their home. I felt like an expert because of the excellent training. I thought the internship would be just a summer job, but every day I woke up early and got to work quickly because I knew that every minute was another opportunity to help a customer.

  3. Daniel Braughler

    This internship showed me the line of work I was interested in, and how the "book knowledge" learned in college is applied to reality. Firestone created a focal point for the rest of my college career of what I need to get out of classes to be successful. Retail is not a monotonous desk job with a never ending pile of paperwork. It's fast-paced with a constant push to satisfy a customer.

  4. Jaunique Chandinha

    My experience was huge! First, I began interning in different departments. Then, I assisted in the opening of a remodeled store which was amazing. I saw how a company works to get the job done perfectly the first time. Bealls brought me to the corporate offices to participate in their leadership program. This was unbelievable! Now, I better understand the support side of retailing. I worked with buyers, web designers, planners and distributers as well as advertisers. I'm looking forward to working with Bealls again.

  5. Amanda Chazal

    As part of the Chico's internship, I worked in product development. I followed garments from concept through development, as well as production and promotion. I worked with designers, merchants and vendors on a daily basis. Chico's exposed me to nationally known corporate leaders which gave me the exposure and the ability to network. This internship allowed me to apply my classroom knowledge to a real world environment, not only by seeing the process, but by actively participating in it.

  6. Britanni Cunningham

    While learning about retail sales, customer service, merchandise-related and managerial inner workings, I was able to better understand what goes into a successful retail business and experience the culture of Sears. I rotated throughout the store to learn the different departments. I even flew to Chicago to visit the corporate headquarters for an intern conference to hear from executives including the CEO!

  7. John Disselkoen

    Having a strong foundation in customer service is a crucial element of a successful retail career, and Belk's focus on customer service helped me to build that strong foundation. I leaned proper merchandise presentation and people management. I visited the Belk corporate headquarters for additional retail exposure. Belk supported me by teaching with a comprehensive retail experience.

  8. Michael Giudice

    The thing that I liked most about jcpenney's internship program was the structure of the training. Through weekly activities and bi-monthly live broadcasts, interns see many areas of the store's operation that they wouldn't otherwise see. There are special sessions where interns hear from executives of the company and are given a chance to learn about their own leadership styles and abilities. These sessions are also used to teach the interns many things about the company, and make them feel like they are part of the management team.

  9. Victoria Hildago

    The Dillards internship gave me a holistic retail experience by offering a complete store rotation. By doing so, I learned about management and buying and what I truly enjoyed and excelled in! They challenged me with developing a credit reward system which made our store the number one credit opener in the state! The bottom line is you get to test drive a career before you graduate.

  10. Tanquen Nguyen

    I built memories for people by learning how to use the stuffer, creating heart ceremonies, and being the bear leader for birthday parties. At Build-A-Bear Workshops, I was respected as one of the assistant managers of the store and challenged by a project based on research about the birthday party market. I submitted the results to the Chief Operating Bear and even received feedback!

  11. Daniel Ramos

    I have two internships under my belt – most recently with Macy's Florida where I learned the ins and outs of the buying offices. Macy's Florida gave me a step up on finding my career and a company that fits me. Managing orders that weighed in at thousands of dollars, I proved my retailing know- how and got an offer to start on my career path right out of school!

  12. Melissa Samowitz

    The Mattress Firm internship was extremely organized and full of great learning opportunities that I wouldn't have found anywhere else. The summer was full of meeting corporate executives, being trained by the best and applying what we learned in thirteen different stores. The company focuses on personal development and encouraged us to keep a personal portfolio.

  13. Pulkit Sang

    The Walgreens Internship provided valuable transferable experience though exposure of a variety of management, finance, and marketing practices. I not only got to see theories taught in class in action, but also helped put them into practice. The internship will require you to work hard, feel stressed, and be accountable to multiple tasks, but I didn't want an easy internship. I wanted a challenge.

  14. Sloan Stuart

    The Brown Internship is by far the most comprehensive look at retail. I saw every part of the retail industry through the eyes of the shoe. In St. Louis, MO we learned the wholesale side of business from physically creating and sampling shoes to selling them to the vendors. In Madison, WI, through Famous Footwear, we learned how to run a retail store. We spent time with allocation, buying, real estate and advertising. It was clear that I was hired to learn new skills but to also apply them.

  15. Anthony Valdes

    Working at Brandsmart USA helped me to focus my career interests as I had the opportunity to see a variety of jobs within a retail setting. I managed several departments, supervised associates, ran reports, made on-the-spot decisions and worked to make sure my department ran smoothly! I was trained well in order to manage effectively. In addition, I was able to see the corporate setting and participate in writing proposals about recruitment, training and management.

  16. Leilani Velasquez

    My internship with Target as a store executive was the summer of change and development for me. From my first day at the store in my red and khakis to the last week as I presented my project presentation, my personal growth was amazing. My project was to assess and improve all aspects of our consumables department. Target helped me to research the operations of the department so that I was able to pinpoint problem areas and work to improve them

  17. Joshua Webb

    During my retail internship with Petsmart, I learned everything from working with customers to hand-feeding baby parakeets. The focus was learning the daily activities of a manager including loss prevention, handling cash and understanding the intimate care of animals. The practical knowledge and leadership experience gained over the past summer was a huge value to me for my future career.


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