Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the retail internship. If you do not find the information that you are looking for please contact Cecilia Schulz

Why Should I Do a Retail Internship?

An internship gives you the opportunity to apply the principles you learned in your classes in a real business environment. Most firms including retailers, consumer package goods manufacturers and banks, want to hire people who have experience. Internships give you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills. Coming into an interview with a summer management internship experience on your resume will make you more marketable when you start you career after graduation. Most students who complete successful internships receive offers from their company to return for permanent employment after graduation.

What is a Retail Internship?

Retail interns are treated as management trainees. They are not sales clerks. During your internship, you'll have the responsibilities of "real" job, earning between $10-14 an hour-the average internship salary. These management trainee positions are mostly in store management with some in the corporate offices. In the store management positions, you will shadow a store or department managers. Corporate office positions typically involve working with a buyer or assistant in merchandise management. Other corporate positions are in specialized functional areas like distribution, management information systems, supply chain management and human resources. If you make a good impression, your manager will probably give you a chance to be in charge and supervise others.

Who is Eligible for Retail Internships?

Students can come from any major, including both business and non-business areas, in either an undergraduate or graduate program. Although most internships are offered to rising seniors, internships have been offered to rising sophomores and transfer students.

How Long Does the Internship Last?

Most internships last 10-12 weeks. However, this time period is flexible depending on the company.

When are Internships Available?

Any semester, but most of them are offered during Summer C semester. Typical students do an internship between their junior and senior year. Seniors can take internships but must have at least one semester left after their internship.

Where are Internships Available?

The Miller Center can help you find internships any where in the U.S.; however, most store management internships are in Florida stores or with corporations headquartered located in Florida. Some corporate internships are available in other states.

What About Living Accomodations?

Most interns live at home for the summer and work at a store near their home. Others find their own housing with friends or extended family. In some cases, retailers assist interns with finding a place to live during their internships.

How Many Hours a Week Will I Work During My Internship?

Usually 40 hours. Overtime is generally paid for work in excess of a 40 hours week. Store management interns will typically have to work some weekends (usually one out of three or four) and/or evenings.

Can I Get Course Credit for Taking an Internship?

Students are encouraged to enroll in MAR 4945 for up to three credits. The number of credits determines the number of assignments you need to do. The assignments are designed to enhance the internship experience and help you learn not only what people in your specific area do, but learn about what goes on in other areas such as buying, selling, security, visual merchandising, corporate management, distribution channels and customer service. Each assignment takes about 1-2 hours a week outside regular work time. This time includes your interview with managers (which should be on your own time) and organizing and writing short papers. The course is S/U and can be used as business elective.

Do I Have to Take the Internship Course?

No, but we recommend taking it because enrollment in the course helps use make sure that your internship is rewarding. Over $35,000 in scholarships are awarded to interns completing the course. These scholarships are awarded by the company and the scholarship is based upon your summer performance.

What Contact Will I Have With the Miller Center During My Internship?

Students asked to evaluate their experience during the internships and these reports are reviewed by the Center. Students can call the Center anytime to report their progress or ask questions. The Center sends out a weekly email with advice and suggestions. If there are any problems, the student is contacted immediately so problems can be resolved.

How Do I Get A Retail Internship?

You need to register at the Miller Center (Bryan 200) indicating you are interested in a retail internship. The Center will send you emails about meetings and opportunities for internships. Then you will have to interview with the retailers when they come on campus. The retailers select the students for internship positions. The sooner you come into the Center, the sooner we can help. Just come by Bryan 200 or email Cecilia Schulz at to get on a mailing list.


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