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MAR 4956/GEB 6930 China Retail Study Tour


The Chinese market is one of the most vibrant and robust global economies, and the Miller Center is offering an opportunity to study that market first-hand. Global Retail Leadership Development: China Retail Study Tour (MAR 4956/GEB 6930) is a four-credit course designed to give students opportunities to learn and experience China business practices and the global constraints within which businesses must operate. You will learn about the Chinese consumer markets, the dynamics of retailing, manufacturing and supply chains and the buying habits of its 1.4 billion consumers.


Beijing, Yiwu, Shanghai, Shenzhen & Hong Kong

There are substantial regional differences in economic development, culture, language, and consumer behaviors. That’s why we include the classic 1st-tier cities as well as the 2nd and 3rd tier cities with great potential in our three-week study tour in China. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong are well-developed traditional first-tier cities with a rather mature market. Yiwu was chosen to experience businesses in the 3rd city that has active entrepreneurial businesses.

Beijing is the capital city and the political center of China, representing the major northern cities. Beijing is famous for its innovative entrepreneurs and high-growth start-up companies

Shanghai is the finance and trade center of China and it illustrates a good blend of the Western and Eastern culture.

Shenzhen is the largest city in southern China and most known for its role as a manufacturing hub.

Yiwu is renowned as a shopping paradise for small commodities. Being surrounded by mountains on three sides, Yiwu City has been very difficult to access. Yiwu is much more accessible now because of the high speed train to observe active entrepreneurial business in the 3rd tier city and have the chance to experience the developing cities with great market potential.

Hong Kong is one of the world's leading international financial centers. With low taxation and free trade, Hong Kong plays a major role in supply chain management between manufacturing in the mainland China and retailers in the US. In addition, multinational companies’ expansion in China is often arranged and managed by companies in Hong Kong. The dense space led to a highly developed efficient transportation and logistics network that facilitates the international trades.


On-site visits to China's top corporations and meetings with government officials and other influential economic decision makers; various retail development visits; cultural site visits

  • Company visits include IBM, Lenovo, Coach, Toys R Us China, Li & Fung, Mark Fairwhale, Walmart Headquarters, Umbra, 360Buy, Brown Shoe Company, Collective Brands, Outback Steakhouse, McDonald, Suning, Ogilvy, Hyundai Manufacturing, as well as store visits
  • Government visits include US Commercial Services, Foreign Affairs Office, US Embassy, and Ministry of Commerce

Who Should Participate

  • Students who will become a business leader in a global economy
  • Students who want to understand diverse consumer demands, regional differences, and market competitiveness for product developments and doing successful businesses in China
  • Students who want to understand competitiveness and the role of China in the global economy
  • Retailing faculty to add China content into their courses
  • International Business faculty to enhance their knowledge of China and political, economic, and business developments

Course description:

MAR 4956/GEB 6930 is a 4-credit course, designed to acquaint the students with the retail business in China and cultures. It consists of 2 parts:

  1. Mod 4 pre-trip course (March 10th – April 25th, 2014) is comprised of lectures, case discussions, industry and company research, and survival language learning in cultural contexts. The topics covered in the class include:

    • Chinese History and Culture
    • Government, Regions and Economic Tiers
    • Consumer Behavior I: Implications for Entry Strategies and Supply Chain Management
    • Consumer Behavior II: Implications for Retail Marketing and Branding
    • Consumer Behavior III: Implications for Pricing and Promotion
    • Customer Service and Retail HR Management
    • Food Sector and Franchising
    • Guangxi and Business Negotiation
    • Business Culture and Etiquettes
    • Survival Language
  2. The retail study tour in China (May, Dates:TBA) includes the visits to companies, government organizations, and stores as well as cultural excursions.


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