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Research Papers are either in review, awaiting publication in a journal or already published works. Abstracts and PDF versions of some papers, may be available by contacting the Miller Center.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All papers are copyrighted by the authors; revised versions that appear in print are copyrighted by the publication in which each appears. If you would like to use all or a portion of any paper, please contact the author.

Customer Relationship Management

"Customer Acquisition Promotions and Customer Asset Value," Journal of Marketing Research, May, 195-204, Michael Lewis (2006).

"The Effect of Shipping Fees on Purchase Quantity, Customer Acquisition, and Store Traffic," Journal of Retailing, 82(1), 13-23, Michael Lewis, (2006).

"An Empirical Study of the Impact of Non-Linear Shipping and Handling Fees on Purchase Incidence and Expenditure Decisions," Marketing Science, 25(1), 51-64,Michael Lewis, Vishal Singh and Scott Fay (2006).

"Research Note: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Customer Relationship Pricing," Management Science, 51(6), 986-994, Michael Lewis,(2005).

"Incorporating Strategic Consumer Behavior into Customer Valuation," Journal of Marketing - (Special issue on Customer Relationship Management), 69(3), 230-238, Michael Lewis, (2005).

"The Influence of Loyalty Programs and Short-term Promotions on Customer Retention," Journal of Marketing Research, 41(3), 281-292, Michael Lewis, (2004).

"Partial Repeat Bidding in the Name-Your-Own-Price Channel,' Marketing Science 23 (Summer), 407-418, Fay, Scott (2004).

GIS and Market Analysist

"Direction Sensitive Wedge Casting For Trade Area Delineation," Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management 14(2) 125-140, Ashish Patel, Timothy J. Fik, and Grant Thrall (2007).

"Business Geography and New Real Estate Market Analysis," Thrall, Grant Ian, Oxford University Press: New York and Oxford, 2002.

"Geographic Access Analysis of The State University System of Florida," Florida Board of Governors and Florida Board of Education, Tallahassee FL, Grant Thrall, 2005.

"Scientific Geography Series," Grant Ian Thrall (Ed.). Sage Publications (2008). The entire ten volume Scientific Geography Series are now available for free access via Internet at These books provided the foundations of what has become contemporary geospatial marketing and geospatial location analysis.

"Integrating GIS Technology Within Portfolio Management," Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, 13(3), 289-292, Tony Hernandez and Grant Thrall (2007).

"Trade Area Definition and Calculation," American Retail Estate Society, San Francisco, CA, Ashish Patel, Timothy J. Fik, and Grant Thrall (2007) awarded by ARES the Torto Wheaton prize for best real estate market analysis.

"Desktop GIS," P. A. Longley, M. F. Goodchild, D. J. Maguire, D. W. Rhind (eds.). Geographic Information Systems: Principles, Techniques, Management and Application 2nd Edition (Revised), New York, Wiley, Susan Thrall and Grant Thrall (2005).

"Appraisal and Noise: the Use of Lifestyle Segmentation Profiles to Define Neighborhoods for Hedonic Housing Price Mass Appraisal Models," in John StillWell and Graham Clarke (eds.), Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis, John Wiley & Son, Chichester England, Steve Laposa and Grant Thrall (2003).

"International Data Resources for Real Estate and Business Geography Market Analysis," Journal of Real Estate Literature, 12(1), Grant Thrall (2004).

"International Real Estate and Business Geographic Data," Journal of Real Estate Literature, 12(2), 377-393, Grant Thrall and Brandon Smith (2004).

"Update to Data Resources for Real Estate and Business Geography Analysis," Journal of Real Estate Literature, 11(3), 349-355, Grant Thrall (2003).

"Data Resources for Real Estate and Business Geography Analysis," Journal of Real Estate Literature, 9(2), Grant I Thrall (2001).

Internet Retailing

"The Function of Format: Consumer Responses to Six On-line Advertising Formats," Journal of Advertising, 35 (1), 53-63, Katherine Burns and Richard Lutz (2006).

"The Influence of Avatars on Online Consumer Shopping Behavior," Journal of Marketing, 70 (October), 19-36, Holzwarth, Martin, Chris Janiszewski, and Marcus Neumann.

"The Impact of Standards Competition on Consumers: Effectiveness of Product Information and Advertising Formats," Journal of Marketing Research, 43 (2), 224-236, Amitav Chakravarti and Jinhong Xie (2006).

"Electronic Retailing," in Retailing in the 21st Century - Current and Future Trends, Manfred Kraft and Murali Mantrala, eds. Springer, 309-325, Barton Weitz (2005).

"Marketing the Unfamiliar: The Role of Context and Item-Specific Information in Electronic Agent Recommendations," Journal of Marketing Research, 39 (November), 488-498, Alan Cooke, Mita Sujan, Harish. Sujan, and Barton Weitz (2002).

"Interactive Home Shopping: Consumer, Retailer, and Manufacturers Incentives to Participate in Electronic Marketplaces," Journal of Marketing, 61(July), 38-53, Joseph Alba, John Lynch, and Barton Weitz, Chris Janiszewski, Richard. Lutz, Alan Sawyer, and Stacey Woods (1997). Winner of the Paul Root Award for the 1998 Journal of Marketing article making the greatest contribution to marketing practice and 2005 Louis Stern award for contribution to channel management research.

Managing Buyer-Seller Relationships

"Creativity in Buyer-Seller Relationships: The Role of Governance," International Journal of Research in Marketing25(June 2008), 109-116, Bradford, Kevin, Wang, Qiong, Jun Xu, and Barton Weitz.

"Relationship Quality and Buyer-Seller Interactions in Channels of Distribution," Journal of Business Research, 46(November), 303-313, Sandy Jap, Chris Manolis, and Barton Weitz (1999).

"Commitment and Its Consequences in the American Agency System of Selling Insurance," Journal of Risk and Insurance, 65 (4), 637-669, Erin Anderson, William Ross, and Barton Weitz (1998).

"Performance in Principle-Agent Dyads: The Cases and Consequences of Perceived Asymmetry of Commitment to the Relationship," Management Science, 43(May), 680-704, William Ross, Erin Anderson, and Barton Weitz (1997).

"Relationship Marketing and Distribution Channels," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences, 23 (Fall), 305-320, Barton Weitz and Sandy Jap (1995).

"Determinants of Long-Term Orientation in Buyer-Seller Relationships," Journal of Marketing, 58 (April), 1-20, Shankar Ganesan (1994).

"The Use of Pledges to Build and Sustain Commitment in Distribution Channels," Journal of Marketing Research, 29 (February), 18-34, Erin Anderson and Barton Weitz (1992). (Winner of 2000 AMA Louis Stern Award for article making greatest contribution to knowledge about channel relationships).

Marketing Strategy

"Third-Party Product Review and Firm Marketing Strategy," Marketing Science, 24 (Spring), 218-240, Yubo Chen and Jinhong Xie (2005).

"Product Strategy for Innovators in Markets with Network Effects," Marketing Science, 23 (Spring), 243-254, Baohong Sun, Jinhong Xie, and Henry Cao (2004).

Handbook of Marketing, London: Sage Publications. Reviewed in Journal of Marketing Research, (November 2003), 499-501, Barton Weitz and Robin Wensley (2002).

The Interfaces of Marketing and Strategy, JAI Press, George Day, Barton Weitz and Robin Wensley (1990).

Readings in Strategic Marketing: Analysis, Planning and Implementation. Hinsdale, IL: Dryden, Barton Weitz and Robin Wensley (1988).

"Attributions in the Board Room: Causal Reasoning in Corporate Annual Reports," Administrative Science Quarterly, 28 (June 1983) 165-83 (lead article), James Bettman and Barton Weitz.

Motivation, Compensation and Evaluation - Sales Force Management

"The Changing Environment of Selling and Sales Management," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 25 (Spring), 105-111, Eli Jones, Steven Brown, Andris Zoltners, and Barton Weitz (2005).

"Hiring and Promotion Policies in Sales Force Management: Some Antecedents and Consequences," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 13(Spring), 15-27, Shankar Ganesan, Barton Weitz, and George John (1993).

"Sales Force Compensation: An Empirical Investigation of Factors Related to Use of Salary versus Incentives Compensation." Journal of Marketing Research, 26 (February), 1-14 (lead article), George John and Barton Weitz, (1989) (finalist for 1994 O'Dell Award).

"Career Plateaus in the Salesforce: Understanding and Removing Blockages to Employee Growth," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 8 (November), 23-32, Daniel Feldman and Barton Weitz (1988).

"Increasing Sales Productivity by Getting Salespeople to Work Smarter," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management,7 (August), 9-19, Harish Sujan, Barton Weitz, and Mita Sujan (1988).

"An Organizational Coordination Model of Salesforce Compensation Plans: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Test", Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizations, 3 (Fall), 231-243, George John, Alan Weiss, and Barton Weitz (1987).


"Data Resources for Real Estate and Business Geography Market Analysis: A Comprehensive Structured Annotated Bibliography, Version 2.0," Grant Ian Thrall and Susan E. Thrall

"Corporate Hypocrisy: How Consumers React to Incongruent Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility," Tillmann Wagner, Richard J. Lutz, Barton A. Weitz

Retailing Management, 6th ed. NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, Michael Levy and Barton Weitz (2007).

"The Role of Relational Embeddedness in Retail Buyers' Selection of New Products," Journal of Marketing Research, 43 (November), 580-587, Peter Kaufman, Satish Jayachandran, and Randall Rose (2006).

"When Should a Retailer Create an Exciting Store Environment?," Journal of Marketing, 70 (January), 107-118, Velitcka Kaltcheva and Barton Weitz (2006).

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"Economics of Service Upgrades," Journal of Service Research, 7(3), 234-244, Eyal Biyalogorsky,Eitan Gerstner, Dan Weiss, and Jinhong Xie (2005).

"Managing Conflict to Improve the Effectiveness of Retail Networks," Journal of Retailing, 80 (3), 181-195, Kevin Bradford, Ann Stringfellow, and Barton Weitz (2004).
Honorable mention for 2004 William Davidson award for Journal of Retailing best paper.

"Passing the Torch: Intergenerational Influences as a Source of Brand Equity," Journal of Marketing, 66 (April), 17-37, Elizabeth Moore, William Wilkie, and Richard Lutz (2002).

"Brand Equity Dilution: Retailer Display and Context Brand Effects," Journal of Marketing Research, 36 (August), 345-355, Lauranne Buchanan, Carolyn Simmons, and Barbara Bickart (1999).

"The Impact of Staffing Policies on Retail Buyer Job Attitudes and Behaviors," Journal of Retailing, 72(1), 31-56, Shankar Ganesan and Barton Weitz (1996).

Essential of Retailing, Irwin, Michael Levy and Barton Weitz (1996).

"Negotiation Strategies and the Nature of Channel Relationships," Journal of Marketing Research, 30 (May), 183-204, Shankar Ganesan (1993).

"Preattentive Mere Exposure Effects," Journal of Consumer Research, 20 (3), 376-92, Chris Janiszewski (1993).

"From the Invisible Hand to the Glad Hand: Understanding a Careerist Orientation to Work," Human Resource Management, 30 (Summer), 37-258, Daniel Feldman and Barton Weitz (1991).

"Summer Interns: Factors Contributing to Positive Developmental Experiences," Journal of Vocational Behavior, 37, 267-284, Daniel Feldman and Barton Weitz (1990).

"Managing Marginal Employees: The Use of Warnings and Dismissals," Administrative Science Quarterly, 25 (September), 467-84, C. O'Reilly and Barton Weitz (1980).

"The Revolution in Distribution: Challenges and Opportuntiies," Louis W. Stern and Barton A.Weitz

"The Influence of Display Characteristics on Visual Exploratory Search Behavior," Chris Janiszewski

"The Moderating Influence of Motivational Orientation On the Relationship Between Shopping Environment Arousal and Behavior," Velitchka D. Kaltcheva and Barton A. Weitz

Selling Effectiveness

"Salespersons' Management of Conflict in Buyer-Seller Relationships," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 29 (Winter 2009), 25-42, Bradford, Kevin and Barton Weitz.

Personal Selling: Building Relationships, 6th ed., McGraw-Hill/Irwin, Barton Weitz, Stephan Castleberry, and John Tanner (2007).

"Advance Selling for Services," California Management Review, 46(Spring), 37-54, Steven Shugan and Jinhong Xie, (2004).

"Electronic tickets, smart cards, and online prepayments: When and how to advance sell," Marketing Science, 20 (Summer), 219-243, Jinhong Xie and Steven Shugan (2001).

"Advance pricing of services and other implications of separating purchase and consumption," Journal of Service Research, 2(3), 227-240, Steven Shugan and Jinhong Xie (2000).

"Personal Selling and Sales Management: A Relationship Marketing Perspective," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 27 (Spring), 241-254, Barton Weitz and Kevin Bradford (1999). (1999 AMA Sales Award for Best Salesforce Management/Personal Selling Article).

"Learning Orientation, Working Smart and Effective Selling," Journal of Marketing, 58(July), 39-56, Harish Sujan, Barton Weitz, and Nirmalya Kumar (1994).

"Adaptive Selling: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Nomological Validity," Journal of Marketing Research, 27 (February), 61-69, Rosann Spiro and Barton Weitz.

"Knowledge, Motivation, and Adaptive Behavior: A Framework for Improving Selling Effectiveness," Journal of Marketing, 50 (October), 174-191, Barton Weitz, Harish Sujan, and Mita Sujan (1986). (Selected as one of the ten most influential articles on personal selling and sales force management of the 20th Century by the AMA Sales Force Management SIG)

"The SOCO Scale: A Measure of the Customer Orientation of Salesperson," Journal of Marketing Research, 19, (August 1982), 343-351, Robert Saxe and Barton Weitz. (Selected as one of the ten most influential articles on personal selling and sales force management of the 20th Century by the AMA Sales Force Management SIG)

"Effectiveness in Sales Interactions: A Contingency Framework," Journal of Marketing, 45 (Winter), 85-103, Barton Weitz (1981). (Selected as one of the ten most influential articles on personal selling and sales force management of the 20th Century by the AMA Sales Force Management SIG)

"The Relationship between Salesperson Performance and Understanding of Customer Decision Making," Journal of Marketing Research, 15 (November) 501-517 (lead article), Barton Weitz (1978).


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