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To help evaluate and continually improve the internship experience, we are undertaking a study on factors affecting college student summer internship experiences. By participating in this project, you will be providing us with valuable insights regarding ways to improve summer internship experiences for students in the future!

To participate in the study, we want you to complete three internet surveys regarding yourself and your internship experiences. Each of the surveys will take about 10 minutes to complete. In the first questionnaire that we are asking you to complete at this time, you will be asked to answer questions regarding your expectations about the internship, your personal and interpersonal style, and your emotions. We will send emails notifying you of the two remaining surveys.

Your participation is completely voluntary. Your answers will be kept confidential. No one at your University or the company you are working with will view your responses to this survey. We do need to match your responses over time so we need you to identify yourself by giving us your name and student ID number.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We greatly appreciate your time and help with my research! Thank you very much for your participation.


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