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Students' Retail Career Choice Decisions Study

The rapid growth of some retail sectors, the eminent retirement of Baby Boomers managers, the increasing sophistication of retailing (technology and internationalization) are increasing the demand for retail talent. One potentially important source of talent is recent college graduates. However, retailers face challenges attracting the best and the brightest due to the negative stereotype retail jobs.

To effectively recruit college students for management trainees positions, retailers need to understand the perceptions and career expectations that students have. The Miller Center has undertaken this study on student career choice to help retailers develop better recruitment practices for attracting talent.

Specifically, the current study answers the following questions:

  • How do business students perceive retail careers?
  • What expectations do business students have for their careers?
  • What factors determine retailing over other careers such as sales and banking?
  • Are there differences in career expectations, personality, goal orientations, competency skills and demographics among students who choose sale, banking and retailing as their destination career?
  • How do students make trade-offs between factors such as starting salary, work-life balance, benefits, training for development and opportunity for advancement?
  • Who influences student career choices?

Download the white paper: "Business School Students' Career Perceptions and Choice Decision."


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