Quality, Quantity, and Diversity of Students

With an enrollment of more than 48,000 students annually, UF is home to 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes.

The fall 2012 incoming freshman class had an average 4.04 GPA and 1810 SAT score. Eighty percent of the students were in the top 10% of their high school graduation class. Twenty-one percent of students at the University are minority students. Twenty-five percent of the Warrington College of Business students are of diverse background.

While the Warrington College of Business ranks #28 in U.S. News & World Report 2012 Undergraduate Business Ranking, specialty areas of particular relevance to retailing are ranked in the Top 20 – marketing – the department teaching retailing (#11), Real Estate (#6), Accounting (#16) and Finance (#11).

Quality of Academic Programs

In 1985, UF was admitted to the Association of American Universities (AAU), one of the most prestigious organizations in higher education. The AAU is made up of the top 60 universities in North America and the University of Florida is the only school in Florida that belongs.

Another indication of the quality of the academic programs is quality of the faculty. For example, the marketing department, the area in which retailing is taught, is a recognized leader in the discipline of marketing. For over a decade, its faculty has ranked as one of the most productive and influential in the field among private and public Universities. The faulty is known for conducting provocative, cutting-edge research that contributes both to the scientific understanding and practice of marketing. Its Ph.D. program has produced many leading researchers in the discipline - students that have taken faculty positions in business schools at Harvard, MIT, Wharton, University of Chicago, NYU, Washington University, University of Texas - Austin and Penn State.

Specialized Degree Programs Relevant to Retail Positions

In addition to offering a BSBA degree, over 600 business students are enrolled in specialized degree programs relevant to retail positions in supply chain management, MIS, real estate, loss prevention, finance, and accounting. In most of these programs, students matriculate for an additional year receiving both a BSBA and a Masters Degree. In addition, there are 80 students in the Master of Science, Information Systems & Operations Management program (MS, ISOM and Supply Chain Management), 240 students in the Master of Accounting, 105 students in the Master of International Business program, 30 students in the Master of Science in Finance program, 100 students in the Master of Science in Management (Human Resource Management) program, and 25 students in the Master of Science in Real Estate program.

Students Interested in Pursuing Careers in Retailing

Warrington's David F. Miller Retail Center is one of just three business school-based retail centers in the country. Two major objectives of the Miller Center are to stimulate student interest in pursuing careers in retailing and prepare students for entry level management positions.

  • 140 students take summer internships with retail firms and a similar number accept management trainee positions with retail firms when they graduate.
  • 60 students took management positions upon graduation
  • 32 took corporate jobs – mostly in merchandising but including e-commerce, b2b sales and analysts
  • Over 25 students take corporate positions with retailers such as jcp, Macy's (East, Midwest, Florida), Collective Brands, Lowes, Famous Footwear, Office Depot, Walgreens, and Dollar General.
  • Over 360 students enroll in the Sears Holdings seminar series each year.
  • Over 250 students take the Retail Principles course each year.
  • The University of Florida is the top recruiting source for the three divisions of Macy's, Target, Disney, Sears Holdings and AT&T.

Recruiting Support Provided by the Miller Center Staff

  • Arrange for company managers to speak in classes.
  • Assist in connecting sponsors with student organizations ( The Retail Society, Black Business Students, Hispanic Business Students, etc. )
  • Feature "Gator" managers on the website, making them available to students considering job opportunities.
  • Promote sponsoring companies exclusively for trainee positions and internships.
  • Inform students via email about sponsor activities.
  • Provide online resumes of students interested in retailing.
  • Match students with retailers for summer internships.
  • Monitor and evaluate students during summer internship.
  • Gather student feedback on completed internships during fall semester.
  • Supervise the Student Advisory Board in assisting with sponsors' recruiting activities.
  • Schedule focus groups when companies are available to participate and in company's absence.
  • Monitor recruiting information sessions and interview schedules.
  • Arrange meetings/dinners with sponsoring firms and business school faculty.
  • Conduct a workshop series each semester featuring three sessions: Careers in Retailing, How to Interview, and Dress for Success.


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