Greetings from UF Miller Center

A ton has happened at the Center and Cece Schulz put together a short video highlighting updates. Enjoy Cece's first foray into the entertainment industry as both an actor and director!

The Center is trying to gather as much alumni contact information as possible, so if you know of any fellow Miller Center graduates who don't receive our emails or if you have updates to your own information, contact us!


The major objectives of the David F. Miller Retail Center are to:

  • stimulate student interest in pursuing careers in retailing
  • prepare students for entry level management positions
  • provide continuing education opportunities for individuals currently in retailing
  • improve communications between retailers and academics so that academics are more familiar with problems facing retailers, and so that retailers can take advantage of new perspectives and insights arising in the academic community
  • undertake research on retailing issues, opportunities, and problems

These objectives are directed toward finding ways to increase retailing productivity and uncover effective strategies for dealing with heightened competition and rapidly changing conditions in retail markets.

If you would like to make a gift online to help support the David F. Miller Retail Center visit the University of Florida Foundation site and choose the Miller Center (002337.)


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