Retail Smarter Conference

Each year the Miller Center offers an executive continuing education conference specifically designed for retailers. A group of senior retail executives from leading firms are assembled to focus on topics of strategic importance to retailers. The executives candidly share information and new ideas that are working to keep their organizations ahead of their competition.

Redefining What Smart Means to Your Business

The retail industry is a constantly evolving field fueled by innovation. The definition of "smart" in retail is always being redefined. What was considered 'smart' in 2015 is drastically different than how we define it today. Because every business offers a unique customer experience, we believe that the definition of 'smart' looks different for every retailer. For some businesses, smart is developing an engaging customer service experience. For others, it is combining retail with social good, while others see it is a unique omnichannel strategy.

Our conference exists to help businesses redefine what smart means for them. We do this by featuring several speakers from all different backgrounds in the industry to discuss their business's definition of 'smart'. We combine this with several small group sessions to help you narrow your focus. Our goal is to help you retail smarter.

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