PURC Leadership Workshop: Practicing Leadership in a Political Environment
Training for Utility Regulators, Policy Makers, and Infrastructure Professionals

Many people are called upon to provide leadership. Some succeed; many fail. PURC’s leadership development programs examine the activities, behaviors, mindsets and skills of a successful leader. This leadership workshop teaches utility regulators and infrastructure professionals how to identify and build a leadership style that encourages collaboration and team cohesiveness. The workshop also examines the personal practices of successful leaders in the areas of time management, conflict resolution and priority-setting.

We have developed leadership tools for you. These tools are mostly oriented towards problem solving, helping leaders move forward in difficult times, accepting and adapting to change, and bringing awareness to personal strategies and skills to design next steps when faced with difficult challenges.

June 23, 2018
Gainesville, FL
Workshop Agenda

As a participant, you will learn and practice the following:

  • Identify and build a leadership style that encourages collaboration and team cohesiveness.
  • Examine the personal practices of successful leaders in developing vision, resolving conflicts and setting priorities.
  • Discover how to identify the key attributes of your organization. Learn how executive leaders create an organizational focus and a creative tension around the most important priorities.
  • Develop an accountability system for addressing your most important challenges. Create a strategy for managing the relationships that are critical to your success.
  • Identify the current morale of your workforce and learn intervention methods to create a truly great place to work.
  • Receive feedback from trusted colleagues in order to develop skills for managing yourself and others.

Upon Completion of the Workshop, you will develop and take home an implementation guide and action plan.


  • US $595 for the PURC/World Bank International Training Program Participants
  • US $695 for all others

Fee includes: tuition, reading material, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks and course material in English.


  • Email Us (purcecon at warrington.ufl.edu)

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June 11-22, 2018
Gainesville, FL

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Workshop Methodology

The PURC Leadership Workshop will use the “field laboratory” method of examining participants’ own leadership challenges.

Most learning will take place in teams and will use personal cases and scenarios as teaching points.

Instructors will present brief “tool kit” sessions followed by intensive personal application exercises and team presentations.

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