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2015 PURC Advanced International Practices Program: Energy Pricing
July 26 - 31, 2015
Gainesville, FL, USA

What are the challenges and best practices in energy pricing? What are the innovative ideas for addressing efficiency and environmental issues? This . . . More Information

2015 PURC Advanced International Practices Program: Benchmarking Infrastructure Operations
August 3 - 6, 2015
Gainesville, FL, USA

How can utilities be benchmarked for efficiency? Which types of comparisons are valid and which are invalid, possibly leading to significant errors? . . . More Information

2015 PURC Advanced International Practices Program: Telecom Policy and Regulation for Next Generation Networks
August 3 - 6, 2015
Gainesville, FL, USA

What policies and regulations should be in place for an efficient transition to next generation networks (NGN)? What is essential for ensuring that c. . . More Information

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PUCP/OSINERGMIN International Seminar: Measures to ensure the Autonomy of Regulatory Organisms
May 18 - 19, 2011
Lima, Peru

More than 120 infrastructure professionals listened as PURC Director of Water Studies Dr. Sandy Berg served as the keynote speaker and address water . . . More Information

May 2011 Utility Conference in Curaçao
May 18, 2011

Sometimes the things we hold onto most dearly are the things that hold us back. That was the message PURC Director Dr. Mark Jamison conveyed in his k. . . More Information

PURC Benchmarking Workshops in Lima
May 17, 2011
Lima, Peru

PURC Director of Water Studies Dr. Sandy Berg delivered a presentation about benchmarking water utilities, drawing from his International Water Assoc. . . More Information

PUCP Conference on Regulation in Energy, Water and Telecommunications
May 16, 2011
Lima, Peru

More than 90 university students and faculty attended this conference to learn about regulation in energy, water and telecommunications from speciali. . . More Information

38th Annual PURC Conference: Next Generation Regulation: Strengthening the Foundation While Adapting to Change
February 2 - 3, 2011
Gainesville, Florida USA

Where can we look for leadership in regulation? Should leadership strengthen our foundations or guide us to a new regulatory future, or both? The . . . More Information

PURC Leadership Workshop - Practicing Leadership in a Political Environment: A One-Day Intensive Training Workshop for Emerging Leaders in Utility Policy
January 22, 2011
Gainesville, Florida USA

International regulatory professionals examined the activities, behaviors, mindsets, and skills of a successful leader during this training workshop . . . More Information

29th PURC/World Bank International Training Program on Utility Regulation and Strategy
January 10 - 21, 2011
Gainesville, Florida USA

Since 1997, utility regulators, policy-makers and infrastructure managers around the world have traveled to Gainesville, Florida to participate in th. . . More Information

Energy Training for the Bermuda Department of Energy
November 9 - 10, 2010
Hamilton, Bermuda

Establishing the regulatory process is a complicated matter of assessing both where you stand and where you want to be, as well as understanding how . . . More Information

8th Annual Conference for the Organisation of Caribbean Utility Regulators
November 3 - 5, 2010
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Hurricanes cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year. Beyond the monetary damage, hurricanes damage our sense of security and provoke emot. . . More Information

2010 Wireless U.
October 7 - 8, 2010
San Francisco, CA

What are the key issues that state legislators face on wireless telecommunications? What core knowledge do they need to address these challenges? The. . . More Information

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