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Practicing Leadership in a Political Environment, PURC Leadership Workshop
January 27, 2018
Gainesville, FL, USA

Many people are called upon to provide leadership. Some succeed; many fail. PURC's leadership development programs examine the activities, behaviors,. . .

45th Annual PURC Conference: Securing the Future of Florida's Utility Infrastructure
February 21 - 22, 2018
Gainesville, Florida

Our U.S. energy and water supply systems are not ready for the future, according to some experts. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) grad. . .

PURC Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Certification Training Program
April 16 - 18, 2018
Orlando, Florida
Energy, Multisector, Telecommunications, Water

The Public-Private Partnerships (P3) have great potential for addressing the infrastructure gap present in every country. However, these arrangements. . .

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PURC Workshop for FPSC: Applying Incremental Cost Principles in Telecommunications
May 28, 1997
Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Florida Public Service Commission staff studied how telecommunications companies perform cost studies, and learned how to review them. Included were . . .

FPSC Workshop on Telecommunications Costs
May 28, 1997
Tallahassee, Florida USA

Drs. Sanford Berg and Mark Jamison delivered a workshop to focus on how telecommunications companies do cost studies and how to review them. Included. . .

PURC Workshop for the Florida Public Service Commission: Regulatory Basics
May 1, 1997
Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Florida Public Service Commission staff studied principles of utility regulation, pricing, cost measurement, as well as Universal Service and related. . .

PURC Workshop for the Alabama PSC: Applying Incremental Cost Principles in Regulation
April 24, 1997
Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Commission staff learned how to apply incremental cost principles in regulation and business, and how to review incremental cost studies in telecommu. . .

Current Developments in Contracting and Regulation Symposium
February 14 - 16, 1997
Gainesville, Florida, USA

This symposium, scheduled at the conclusion of the 24th Annual PURC Conference in February 1997, was sponsored by PURC, the Institut d' Economie Indu. . .

24th Annual PURC Conference: Utility Regulation and Strategy: The Basics Revisited
February 13 - 14, 1997
Gainesville, FL USA
Energy, Multisector, Telecommunications

Each year, PURC annual conference in Gainesville brings together key leaders in industry and academia, primarily from Florida and the Southeast to en. . .

1st PURC/World Bank International Training Program on Utility Regulation and Strategy
January 13 - 24, 1997
Gainesville, Florida, USA

Since 1997, utility regulators, policy-makers and infrastructure managers around the world have traveled to Gainesville, Florida since 1997 to partic. . .

PURC Workshop for the Alabama PSC: Applying Incremental Cost Principles in Regulation
August 25 - 26, 1996
Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Commission staff learned about the principles that underlie incremental cost studies, how incremental cost principles are applied in regulation and b. . .

PURC/FPSC Energy Policy Forum: Catalysts for Change in the Electric Industry
July 26, 1996
Tallahassee, Florida USA

PURC designed forums for the Florida Public Service Commission to assist in the education and training of commission staff regarding issues in the ch. . .

Community Networking: Technological Challenges/Commercial Opportunities workshop
January 19, 1996
Gainesville, Florida, USA

This workshop, sponsored by PURC and UF Information Technologies and Services, addressed the problems and opportunities of increased growth in networ. . .

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