PURC Advanced Methods In Radio Spectrum Planning and Management: NTC Program in Gainesville

September 3 - 12, 2007
Gainesville, Florida, USA

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Auction design, spectrum valuation, spectrum trading, and unlicensed spectrum were key topics during this course. Specifically designed for the National Telecommunications Commission of Thailand, course sessions featured experts from regulatory agencies, consulting firms, and academia with experience in Asia, the Caribbean, and North America. In addition to providing lessons on new techniques for using markets and technology to manage spectrum, key leaders from the Federal Communications Commission, the University of Florida, MIT, regulatory agencies in the Caribbean, and several consulting firms examined how emerging technologies, market forces, and government policies are creating new possibilities for improving how radio spectrum is used to provide telecommunications services.

PURC Director, Mark Jamison, delivered the course. In attendance were 15 NTC staff. In addition to this course, PURC specifically designed for the NTC an introductory course in radio spectrum planning and management in August 2007, and an advanced course in regulatory economics in April 2007.


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