PURC/CLA Leadership Development Programs for the Florida Public Service Commission Staff

March 29 - 30, 2007
Tallahassee, FL, USA

In the context of the substantive discussion, commission staff explored leadership questions and discover new tools, resources and paradigms for facing what many see as insurmountable challenges.

The leadership issues raised included:
What are the technical challenges and the adaptive challenges that each issue represents? How will you prepare your organization for the technical issues? How can you engage stakeholders in adaptive work?
What relationships do you need to develop with federal officials, interest groups, and other regulators so that policies and commissions can adapt to new realities?
What hidden assumptions do you have about leadership and the role you play in resolving tough issues?
How can you get on the balcony to see the bigger picture of these issues and your role in them while staying engaged in the detailed work that will ultimately determine success or failure?

The dates for the 2007 programs were Feb. 2, March 1-2, March 29-30, May 30, and June 7. This program was designed by PURC and delivered in partnership with Cambridge Leadership Associates.


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