2016 PURC Advanced International Practices Program: Advanced Topics in Telecom Policy and Regulation

August 8 - 11, 2016
Gainesville, FL, USA

What are the new policy and regulatory challenges in ICT? How are countries addressing next generation networks (NGN)? What are the appropriate policies for over the top services? How are countries addressing net neutrality and who is having success? This advanced telecommunications course answered these questions and more as participants (experienced telecommunications professionals) examine the foundations, drivers, and policy priorities for today’s and tomorrow’s telecommunications. Join us!

Following the course, participants are able to:
- Identify and describe technologies for NGN
- Define and assess options for addressing net neutrality challenges
- Develop and assess national broadband and NGN plans
- Identify and address the emerging issues for 5G networks
- Address the complex radio spectrum policies needed for advancing telecommunications
- Determine the degree of competition in markets and appropriate regulatory responses


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