PURC/USAID Infrastructure Policy and Regulation Course

December 6 - 10, 2004
Washington, DC, USA

Fifty USAID professionals studied key lessons from around the world, with an emphasis on strategic thinking and understanding.

Presentations and cases by Sanford Berg, Paul Sotkiewicz, and Mark Jamison focused on the policy environment, including the technological features of each sector and the political problems facing newly-formed regulatory commissions. The sessions emphasized the role of regulation in providing incentives for cost-containment, promoting network expansion, and creating credibility for private investors. Discussions centered around USAID priorities, practices within the agency, and ways to involve local stakeholders in energy, telecommunications, and water issues.

USAID’s Office of Energy and Information Technology (EIT) funded the initiative, with the Academy for Educational Development collaborating with PURC in the design of the program. The purpose of the program was to develop a core set of competencies for USAID staff working on infrastructure, in Washington D.C. and in the field (including Egypt, Georgia, Honduras, Peru, South Africa, and West-Bank Gaza).


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