43rd Annual PURC Conference: A Messy Process for a Clean Power Plan: Things Keep Getting Messier!

March 16 - 17, 2016
Gainesville, FL, USA

The Supreme Court’s stay of the EPA’s Clean Power initiative just made a messy process even messier! The EPA initiative is dominating most energy discussions these days, but the legal battle to reverse or at least modify the decision just took center stage. What new insights come from the Court’s stay? How might the legal challenge play out? As the legal battle wages, how should states and utilities think about the numerous substantive issues, such obtaining clarity on the rules if they move forward, scope of state jurisdiction, renewable energy initiatives, and the changing roles of natural gas, energy storage, water resource policy? And let’s not forget the overarching goals of reliability and keeping energy affordable.

Even without the Clean Power Plan, new stakeholders are emerging as technologies and the economics for production change, giving rise to increasingly complex regulatory and political issues. How can those responsible for keeping the system working make decisions for the long term? What are their options and what are the likely outcomes?

PURC's 43rd Annual Conference examined options and decision making for environmental policies, energy supply, industry roles and responsibilities, and water regulation. Speakers and participants engaged in discussions that address the following questions:

- How will Florida position itself relative to the Clean Power Plan given the legal uncertainties?
- What are other states doing?
- What is happening in the retail markets for natural gas?
- How are changing economics and renewable energy options affecting consumers?
- What are the disrupters in utilities? What threats or opportunities do they present?
- What can be improved in water regulation? How will water policy affect energy?


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