42nd Annual PURC Conference: Golden Egg or Scrambled Egg? Impacts of Decentralizing Utility Services

February 4 - 5, 2015
Gainesville, FL, USA

Utilities and their regulators are concerned with securing reliable, clean, and affordable energy; advanced communications; and clean, affordable water. Some stakeholders are advocating decentralizing services through distributed generation and micro grids. Roles and responsibilities are changing. So are the political landscape and stakeholder interests. Where can we change prices, technology access, and regulatory processes to ensure good performance? Which changes are most promising and which potentially harm customers?

PURC's 42nd Annual Conference examined options and decision making for energy supply, energy efficiency, the environment, prices, new technologies, and water regulation. Speakers and participants will engage in discussions that address the following questions:

- How are the roles and responsibilities in utility service changing? What is being ignored and what are the elephants in the room?
- What are the effects of electricity decentralization on suppliers and consumers?
- What are the impacts of new environmental standards?
- What are the implications of pricing for distributed generation?
- To what extent is water a binding constraint for energy supply and economic growth?


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