Leadership Challenges in Regulation

August 6, 2014

Practicing leadership in a regulatory environment is probably more complicated than in any other space. Why? The regulator’s leadership must come through influence more than through authority, which is the reverse of most situations. Industry and regulators alike must deal with a complex system of laws, traditions, politics, and stakeholders that often hides underlying conflicts and resists candid examination of its challenges.

PURC’s Executive Academy, with its years of experience of working with regulatory and industry executives around the world, and NRRI partnered to deliver this teleseminar that provided tools and concepts for practicing leadership in a regulatory environment.

The speakers were Robert C. Rowe, President and Chief Executive Officer, NorthWestern Energy; Mark Jamison, Ph.D., Director, Public Utility Research Center, University of Florida; and Araceli Castaneda, Director of Leadership Studies, Public Utility Research Center, University of Florida. Commissioner Lisa Edgar, Florida Public Service Commission, served as moderator.


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