41st Annual PURC Conference: Politics & Policy: What is Next for Utilities?

February 19 - 20, 2014
Gainesville, FL, USA

What steps can utilities and their regulators be taking to secure reliable, clean, and affordable energy; advanced communications; and clean affordable water? The economics and markets for services are changing. So are the politics. In some instances, the future has become more certain, but landmines and harsh realities remain. Where can changes be made in prices, technology access, and regulatory processes to improve outcomes for stakeholders? Which changes are most promising and which are the most urgent?

PURC’s 41st Annual Conference examined options and decision making for energy supply, energy efficiency, the environment, prices, new technologies, and water regulation. Speakers and participants engaged in discussions regarding:

• How will initiatives and inaction at the federal level shape Florida?
• How will innovations and technological changes affect the business models of energy utilities?
• What are the risks and opportunities with natural gas?
• What can be expected regarding broadband development and universal service?
• What are the options for improving water service in Florida?


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