Making Energy Efficiency Real for the People, Dr. Ted Kury's presentation at the 2013 NASUCA ANNUAL MEETING

November 19, 2013
Orlando, FL USA

Energy efficiency can be an important part of a state’s resource portfolio, but consumers have been slow to embrace many programs. In his presentation "Making Energy Efficiency Real for the People" given to the NASUCA Annual Conference in Orlando, PURC Director of Energy Studies Ted Kury discussed strategies for energy efficiency programs. He discussed the potential for energy efficiency programs to correct inefficiencies in electricity markets. He urged state Consumer Advocates to focus on the costs, benefits, and opportunities of the programs. He argued that costs can be monetary, costs of comfort and convenience, and even perceptions of security. He talked about how new rate designs can better align benefits with costs, and the importance of broad-based communication in alerting consumers to opportunities in the market.


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