40th Annual PURC Conference – Reset for Regulation? Best Next Practices for Policy, Regulation, and Utilities

February 12 - 13, 2013
Gainesville, Florida

"Uncertainty" seems to be the most repeated word used to describe today’s regulatory and policy environments. With conflicting views over reality and priorities, how can utilities and regulators know what to do next? Can our political and economic environments stabilize, or should we adapt to (constant) unpredictability?

PURC’s 40th Annual Conference examined options and decision making for investments affecting energy supply, energy efficiency and conservation, the environment, prices, new broadband technologies, and water supply. Speakers and participants engaged in discussions regarding:
· What are the economic and political realities for electricity supply?
· How effective are energy efficiency policies and what are possible directions for the future?
· Does deregulation work and for whom?
· How can difficult, yet critical decisions be make?
· What is the role of regulation when policies are unclear?


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