2012 National Electricity Forum

February 8 - 9, 2012
Washington, D.C.

Presentations and feedback helped attendees at the 2012 National Electricity Forum explore the balance between regulation and market structures to incentivize and facilitate the development of a flexible, environmentally benign, and cost effective electricity system. Florida Public Utilities Professor Dr. Sanford Berg spoke on the theme of this year’s forum, "Visualizing the 21st Century Electricity Industry," as one of the panelists in the concluding session on Institutional Solutions.

Joining state commissioners from South Carolina and Washington and the Special Advisor for Renewable Energy and Transmission (office of the Secretary of DOE), he focused on four sources of conflict: facts, values, interests, and authority. Dr. Berg argued that addressing emerging issues requires that leaders identify the sources of conflicts so that technical studies and adaptive work (dialogues) can move forward. The forum illustrated how stakeholders bring different perspectives (and special interests) to the policy arena.


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