39th Telecommunications Policy Research Conference

September 24, 2011
Arlington, Virginia

Contrary to conventional wisdom, a merger between two large mobile telecom companies can benefit customers. This was the surprising message delivered by PURC Director Dr. Mark Jamison at the 39th TPRC.

The case in point was the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile’s U.S. operations by AT&T. The U.S. Department of Justice filed suit against the companies to stop the transaction. Research conducted by Dr. Jamison and PURC Senior Researcher Dr. Janice Hauge shows that the merged company is more likely to adopt the most advanced 4G technology, LTE, than either company is no merger occurs. Despite the decrease in the number of competitors in the market, the adoption of the advanced technology is so valuable that customers actually benefit in net. In fact, the merger is likely to drive other companies to accelerate their investments in LTE.

3rd Annual Public Utility Research Center Prize for Best Paper in Regulatory Economics
Two papers won the 3rd Annual Public Utility Research Center Prize for the best paper in regulatory economics were awarded:
Joseph Cullen (Harvard University) "Measuring the Environmental Benefits of Wind Generated Electricity."
James D. Campbell, (University of Toronto), Avi Goldfarb (University of Toronto), and Catherine Tucker (MIT) "Privacy Regulation and Market Structure."


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