2011 International Telecommunications Society

September 19 - 20, 2011
Budapest, Hungary

Are the U.S. and Europe converging on a common telecom regulatory framework, or are they colliding? They are converging, according to PURC Director Mark Jamison, but he thinks they should collide.

In his keynote address to the International Telecommunications Society of Europe, Dr. Jamison explained that the rapid changes in telecommunications create uncertainty as to proper regulation. He believes the most effective way to identify the right approach is for regulatory agencies to try different things and "compete" with one another to find the most effective. This is the way the United States developed its policies towards telecommunications competition: multiple state PUCs tried a number of approaches -- some worked and some failed -- but all the while the states learned from each other and the federal policies that emerged were largely a confirmation of the most successful state approaches. Dr. Jamison encouraged the audience to avoid "balanced" approaches because they lack depth, and "realistic" approaches because they lack courage. He recommended to the 200 participants that governments should avoid trying to stop problems ex ante and let the markets evolve, dealing with any abuse of market power ex post.


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