38th Annual PURC Conference: Next Generation Regulation: Strengthening the Foundation While Adapting to Change

February 2 - 3, 2011
Gainesville, Florida USA


Where can we look for leadership in regulation? Should leadership strengthen our foundations or guide us to a new regulatory future, or both?

The 38th Annual PURC Conference, Next Generation Regulation: Strengthening the Foundation While Adapting to Change, explored the difficult challenges that regulators, policymakers, industry, consumers and other stakeholders must confront in order to ensure that Florida and the nation continue to improve the availability and effectiveness of our energy, telecommunications, and water supplies.

Keynote speakers discussed the leadership demands of regulation today and lessons from the past where leadership has either been lacking or provided in abundance. The conference's energy sessions examined dumb policies and smart grids, paying for clean energy, and investing for the future. The telecommunications sessions considered state initiatives in broadband development, as well as keys to success for broadband adoption. The water session explored how we can help people face realities in water pricing and supply.


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