Second Regulatory Foundations Training Program for RURA

March 29 - April 2, 2010
Kigali, Rwanda

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How can policy makers provide direction without micromanaging regulatory agencies? Is there any way to minimize the political interference and forum shopping that can occur with government-owned utilities? These were some of the key questions addressed in this training program delivered by PURC for high level officials in Rwanda. Heads of ministries, operators, and the regulatory agency participated in the program, along with senior staff. The program engaged participants in a dialogue and debate on regulatory governance, governance of state-owned enterprises, basic tasks of regulation, and strategic planning.

One case considered guidance for sector ministers on what outcomes they should consider when evaluating the regulatory system, how they should benchmark performance, forums and processes for engaging in discussions on these issues, and proper ways to intervene when outcomes are disappointing. Another case examined conflicts in regulatory and sector governance and how they thwart good performance. One solution sought to distinguish between operator governance, which should focus on financial performance, and regulator governance, which should focus on prices, social issues, and service access. Approximately 30 people participated in the course, taught by PURC Director Mark Jamison, and University of Cape Town Professor Anton Eberhard. This course was preceeded by a December 2009 program on regulatory foundations for RURA.


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