33rd Annual PURC Conference: 1907-2007 - A Century of Utility Regulation: Lessons We've Learned

February 23 - 24, 2006
Gainesville, FL USA


These are critical times for utility infrastructure for Florida and the nation. As Florida Governor Jeb Bus has observed, energy is central to Florida's economic development, security and social infrastructure, yet recent hurricanes have uncovered how susceptible we are to distruptions in the energy supply chain, the importance of energy prices to consumers and businesses alike, and to the crucial roles that regulators play in providing stability in times of significant upheaval. This raises issues of our long-term commitment to energy conservation and of our ability to secure an adequate, reliable, diverse, efficient and affordable energy supply.

Likewise in telecommunications, we face issues of competition, universal service, and intercarrier payments that are crucial to the further development of advanced telecommunications. These issues' complexities and complicated histories make resolution difficult, and important progress is often delayed.

The conference examined the critical issues in the context of 100 years of regulation by utility commissions in the United States. Participants engaged in lively discussions about current policy issues, what has been learned from disruptive events of the past, and how public policy responds to provide the stable, efficient utility services that our economy and society need.


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