35th Annual PURC Conference: The Real Climate Change: Planning and Investing Under Uncertainty

February 5 - 6, 2008
Gainesville, FL USA


Controversy surrounds the issue of climate change, but one thing is certain: Utility regulators, service providers and customers are trying to make critical, long-term decisions in an environment that’s constantly changing. In energy, meeting the challenges posed by climate change policy will assuredly alter electric utility investment plans, drive regulators to adopt innovative policies, and raise prices for customers. In telecommunications, the growing importance of wireless and broadband creates new competitive issues and challenges regulators to adapt universal service policies.

The 35th Annual PURC Conference, The Real Climate Change: Planning and Investing Under Uncertainty, explored how businesses are planning and making investment decisions. Our energy sessions examined the trade-offs and merits of nuclear, natural gas, renewable energy, and other technology options for meeting climate change policy objectives that minimize risk and price impacts to customers. Our telecommunications sessions focused on the new challenges in competition, and future directions for universal service policies at the state and federal levels.


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