36th Annual PURC Conference: Changes in Climate and Information Technologies: Who's Driving Utility Policy?

February 4 - 5, 2009
Gainesville, FL USA


Uncertainty and controversy surround climate change policies, but one thing is certain: Utility regulators, service providers and customers are trying to make critical, long-term decisions in an environment that’s constantly changing. In energy policy, states are forging ahead, but face complex trade-offs between environmental goals, capacity investments, and service costs. States are also forging ahead in the area of telecommunications policy, trying different approaches for universal service, broadband development, and deregulation.

The 36th Annual PURC Conference, Changes in Climate and Information Technologies: Who’s Driving Utility Policy? explored the choices that policymakers, regulators, and service providers face, and alternative approaches for addressing these important issues. PURC’s energy sessions examined the trade-offs and merits of carbon policies, energy conservation and efficiency, and investments in plants using nuclear power, natural gas, and renewable energy. PURC’s telecommunications sessions focused on how states are developing and implementing broadband policies and deregulating retail telecommunications markets. Both the energy and telecommunications sessions examined the implications under the new administration for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Federal Communications Commission, respectively.


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