37th Annual PURC Conference: Smart Technology vs. Smart Policy

February 3 - 4, 2010
Gainesville, FL USA


Where will we find solutions to our many regulatory issues? Some look to new technologies, such as smart grid, as well as new energy sources to solve our climate, cost, security, and supply issues. Broadband deployment is seen as critical to helping the United States regain its lead as the world’s most competitive economy. Is technology enough? Are we leaving large and controversial policy issues unresolved with the expectation that there are easy technology solutions?

The 37th Annual PURC Conference, Smart Technology vs. Smart Policy?, explored the difficult policy issues that regulators, policymakers, industry, consumers and other stakeholders must confront in order to ensure that Florida and the nation continue to improve the availability and effectiveness of our energy, telecommunications, and water supplies.

The conference’s energy sessions examined the opportunities and challenges in energy supply, the hard trade-offs in energy pricing, and the options and challenges for smart grid. The telecommunications sessions focused on broadband policies for Florida and the nation, how federal radio spectrum policies are impacting the state, and how wireless technologies can contribute to energy solutions. The water session explored renewable issues in the state.


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