PURC Leadership Workshop - Practicing Leadership in a Political Environment: A One-Day Intensive Training Workshop for Emerging Leaders in Utility Policy

June 21, 2008
Gainesville, Florida, USA


Many people are called upon to provide leadership. Some succeed; many fail. This workshop examined the activities, behaviors, mindsets and skills of a successful leader. Participants learned to identify and build a leadership style that encourages collaboration and team cohesiveness. They also examined the personal practices of successful leaders in the areas of time management, conflict resolution and priority-setting. Workshop objectives included:
-Discovering the unique vision, mission and values of an organization, and learning how executive leaders create an organizational focus and a creative tension around the most important priorities.
-Developing the skills of one-to-one coaching and techniques for developing key employees into top performers.
-Creating an environment of accountability.
-Identifying the current morale of one’s workforce and learning intervention methods to create a truly great place to work.
-Receiving feedback from trusted colleagues in order to develop skills for managing oneself and others.

This workshop was scheduled at the conclusion of the 24th PURC/World Bank International Training Program on Utility Regulation and Strategy.

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