Three Lessons for Improving Infrastructure Performance

November 8, 2017
Trinidad and Tobago

Drawing from forty-six years of teaching, research, and outreach, Dr. Sanford Berg shared in the keynote address at the 15th Annual OOCUR Conference, three themese that regularly emerge from his work. These relate to politics, information, and conflict-resolution. PURC has hosted over 3,500 regulators and managers from 153 nations over the past two decades in the PURC/World Bank International Training Program on Utility Regulation and Strategy. During the concluding session of each program, participants have shared their reactions to formal presentations and informal networking. Three key lessons they identify can be consolidated into three areas: drivers of regulatory decisions, the importance of quantification, and approaches to the resolution of stakeholder conflicts. In addition, these lessons build upon seven elements affecting the performance of the energy, water, and telecommunications sectors. These elements all begin with the letter "I", making it easy to remember themes that permeate regulatory systems.


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