PURC Regulatory Training Course for Public Utilities Regulatory Commission of Grenada

November 29 - December 1, 2016

Recent legislation has changed the manner in which GRENLEC, the electric utility in Grenada is regulated. Grenada has typically regulated its vertically integrated utility through statute, but parliament instituted two major changes this past summer. First, the established a process to liberalize the generation market in the country, paving the way for independent power producers. Second, they have established an independent regulatory agency to regulate the public electricity utilities on the island. This program, conducted by PURC Director of Energy Studies Ted Kury and Raj Barua, PURC Senior Fellow and the Executive Director of the National Regulatory Research Institute, and delivered to an audience of utility and ministry staff, consumer and environmental groups, and other interested parties introduced the changes occurring in Grenada and the opportunities and challenges faced by the country. Topics included the role of regulation, the process of regulation, utility finance and ratemaking, the integration of independent power producers, ad the challenges of transforming the electricity sector, left participants with a greater appreciation of the challenges and opportunities of their new system, along with the challenges facing their new regulatory agency.


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