What are the tools necessary to manage our changing electricity infrastructure?

May 10 - 12, 2016
Poznan, Poland

From May 10-12, 2016, PURC Director of Energy Studies Ted Kury participated in the Energy 21 and ERRA events in Poznan, Poland, where these tools were discussed by regulators and operators from across the region. On May 10, he was a member of the opening panel entitled “The energy sector: between security, innovativeness and competitiveness” where he spoke about the challenges of managing the flow of money within the electricity system. On May 11, he participated in the panel on the modern grid company where he discussed the importance of educating the public, the government, and the regulator about the meaning of ‘electricity service’, cautioning that it goes far beyond the provision of kilowatthours. Finally, on May 12, he participated in a panel organized by ERRA where he discussed the complications that arise when countries have aspirational goals which are not accommodated in statute. Regulators may not be able to honor these aspirational goals, not because they don’t support them, but because they are not allowed to under the law.


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