Why is rural broadband development so hard?

September 24, 2015
Washington, D.C., USA

It comes down to our inability to mobilize political will, according to PURC Director, Mark Jamison. Speaking to the Organization of American State's CITEL group in Washington, D.C., Dr. Jamison explained that the economics, technology, and financing of rural broadband have been well known for about 20 years. And all countries seem to have embraced rural broadband development as a goal. But still few countries seem to apply what they know to their aspiration of rural broadband development. Dr. Jamison explained that this appears to be because people fail to mobilize the political will to make decisions and to allow others to make decisions, such as in a competitive market. Direct political involvement in rural benefits and bureaucratic decision making are hard to let go of. Academics, regulators, and stakeholders need to help policy makers and others find value in change. Dr. Jamison spoke to CITEL September 24, 2015.


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