Will U.S. Universal Service Policies Endure? Dr. Mark Jamison's presentation at the NECA Expo

November 13, 2013
Las Vegas, NV USA

Will U.S. Universal Service Policies Endure?
Not according to PURC director, Mark Jamison. Speaking at the 2013 NECA Expo in November, Dr. Jamison explained that today's universal service policies suffer from the collision of three forces that make significant reform inevitable. The first is the question about the legitimacy of the system: Research over the past 30 years has consistently failed to find that the system has improved universal service. The second is credibility: Research and regulatory experiences call into question whether the data used in the system has been credible. The last is durability: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is running out of a reliable base of captive customers from whom to collect money to fund the system. Dr. Jamison also pointed to two other issues -- net neutrality and distributed governance of the Internet -- that may lead to the dismantling of the network interconnection system that the FCC has put into place, possibly allowing rural telephone companies some new business opportunities. Dr. Jamison drew upon examples from the Europe and Asia to illustrate his points. Approximately 150 managers from small U.S. telephone companies attended the presentation.


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