Seminar on Competition Monitoring in the Telecommunications Market

September 9, 2010
Bangkok, Thailand

Course photo

How can telecommunications regulators assess the potential competitiveness of emerging markets? That was the subject of a competition seminar delivered by PURC Director Dr. Mark A. Jamison for the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) of Thailand, in cooperation with Thammasat University.

The seminar began with an examination of the purposes of regulation and how they guide regulators in thinking about competition. The participants also learned how to define markets in situations where historical data do not exist. Key instruments include international benchmarking and customer surveys. Once a market is defined, then analysts project market structure by considering likely market shares and vertical relationships. Finally, the extent of competition is considered by examining likely barriers to competition and the financial performance of the sector. Once competitiveness is assessed, then regulators can develop remedies if market power appears to be likely. However, all remedies are imperfect, so regulators need to assess whether an imperfect remedy actually improves performance in an imperfect market.

Approximately 30 regulatory staff and university students attended the seminar.


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