Competition in Convergence Markets: Open Access and Financial Analysis

September 6 - 7, 2010
Bangkok, Thailand

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Should mobile broadband providers be required to open their networks to any phone manufacturer or app developer? That was the subject of a 2-day workshop designed for the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) of Thailand and delivered by PURC Director Dr. Mark Jamison.

Beginning with an analysis of stakeholder perspectives, the participants learned about mobile broadband value change, conditions under which vertical integration can benefit customers and conditions under which it might lead to anticompetitive conduct, and the history and specific concerns that led to the development of mobile open access proposals. He also explained how weak or non-existent competition in mobile broadband was a central precondition for open-access requirements to benefit customers. The participants then examined the degree of competition in broadband mobile in Thailand, and developed ideas for ways in which regulators should respond. The workshop also focused on the issue of net neutrality for wireless markets. The event ended with a case study about ways in which to monitor market performance by analyzing industry finances.

Approximately 35 people from the NTC and from the legal community in Thailand attended the workshop.


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