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Jamison, Mark A., and Araceli Castaneda. 2011. "Reset for Regulation and Utilities: Leadership for a Time of Constant Change" The Electricity Journal, 24(4):86-93.
Lee, Sangwon, Justin Brown, and Seonmi Lee. 2011. "A Cross-Country Analysis of Fixed Broadband Deployment: Examination of Adoption Factors and Network Effect" Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 88(3):580-596.
Marques, Rui Cunha, and Sanford V. Berg. 2011. "Public-Private Partnership Contracts: A Tale of Two Cities with Different Contractual Arrangements" Public Administration, 89(4):1585-1603.
Berg, Sanford V., Liangliang Jiang, and Chen Lin. 2011. "Universal Service Subsidies and Cost Overstatement: Evidence from the U.S. Telecommunications Sector" Telecommunications Policy, 35(7):583-591.
Lee, Sangwon, Mircea I. Marcu, and Seonmi Lee. 2011. "An Empirical Analysis of Fixed and Mobile Broadband Diffusion" Information Economics and Policy, 23(3-4):227-233.
Howell, Bronwyn. 2010. "Structural Separation Models and the Provision of ‘Dark Fibre’ for Broadband Networks: the case of CityLink" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Jamison, Mark A., and Krittipohn Sriyabhandha. 2010. "Analyzing Telecommunications Finances in Brazil (B)" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Case Study.
Jamison, Mark A., and Amanda Bowe. 2010. "Analyzing Telecommunications Finances in Brazil (A)" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Case Study.
Berg, Sanford V. 2010. Water Utility Benchmarking: Measurement, Methodologies, and Performance Initiatives. London: International Water Association Publishing.
Hauge, Janice A., and David E. M. Sappington. 2010. "Pricing in Network Industries" In The Oxford Handbook of Regulation, ed. Robert Baldwin, Martin Cave, and Martin Lodge, 462-499. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Sappington, David E. M., and Dennis L. Weisman. 2010. "Price Cap Regulation: What Have We Learned from 25 Years of Experience in the Telecommunications Industry?" Journal of Regulatory Economics, 38(3):227-257.
Kury, Theodore. 2010. "The Role of Renewable Energy Sources in the Capacity Markets of Island Electric Systems" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Holt, Lynne, and Mary Galligan. 2010. "Déjà vu or New Horizons?" Public Utilities Fortnightly, 148(9):54-61.
Parmesano, Hethie, and Theodore Kury. 2010. "Implications of Carbon Cap-and-Trade for Electricity Rate Design, with Examples from Florida" The Electricity Journal, 23(8):27-36.
Holt, Lynne, Paul M. Sotkiewicz, and Sanford V. Berg. 2010. "Nuclear Power Expansion: Thinking About Uncertainty" The Electricity Journal, 23(5):26-33.
Mugisha, Silver, and Tatiana Borisova. 2010. "Balancing Coverage and Financial Sustainability in Pro-Poor Service Initiatives: A Case of a Uganda Project" The Engineering Economist, 55(4):305-327.
Kury, Theodore, and Julie Harrington. 2010. "The Marginal Effects of the Price for Carbon Dioxide: Quantifying the Effects on the Market for Electric Generation in Florida" The Electricity Journal, 23(4):73-78.
Marques, Rui Cunha, and Sanford V. Berg. 2010. "Revisiting the Strengths and Limitations of Regulatory Contracts in Infrastructure Industries" Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 16(4):334-342.
Mugisha, Silver, and Ato Brown. 2010. "Patience and Action Pays: A Comparative Analysis of WSS Reforms in Three East African Cities" Water Policy, 12(5):654-674.
Jamison, Mark A., and James Sichter. 2010. "Business Separation in Telecommunications: Lessons from the U.S. Experience" Review of Network Economics, 9(1).
Berg, Sanford V., and Silver Mugisha. 2010. "Pro-poor Water Service Strategies in Developing Countries: Promoting Justice in Uganda’s Urban Project" Water Policy, 12(4):589-601.
Hauge, Janice A., and Mark A. Jamison. 2010. "Effects of Using Specific versus General Data in Social Program Research" Applied Economics, 42(13):1627-1639.
Howell, Bronwyn. 2009. "Separating New Zealand’s Incumbent Provider: A Political Economy Analysis" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Jamison, Mark A., Sanford V. Berg, and Liangliang Jiang. 2009. "Analyzing Telecommunications Market Competition: A Comparison of Cases" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.

Results 101-125 of 719

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