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Sappington, David E. M., and Dennis L. Weisman. 1994. "Designing Superior Incentive Regulation: Accounting for All of the Incentives All of the Time Part I & II" Public Utilities Fortnightly, 132(4):12-15.
Berg, Sanford V., and Chris Taylor. 1994. "Electricity Consumption in Manufactured Housing" Energy Economics, 16(1):54-62.
Orans, Ren, Chi-Keung Woo, Roger Pupp, and Ira Horowitz. 1994. "Demand-Side Management and Electric Power Exchange" Resource and Energy Economics, 16(3):243-54.
Berg, Sanford V., and Jinook Jeong. 1994. "An Evaluation of Incentive Regulation: Corrections and Extensions" Journal of Regulatory Economics, 6(3):243-54.
Weisman, Dennis L. 1994. "Designing Carrier of Last Resort Obligations" Information Economics and Policy, 6(2):97-119.
Sappington, David E. M. 1994. "Designing Incentive Regulation" Review of Industrial Organization, 9(3):245-72.
Okamura, Makoto, Makoto Tawada, and Keizo Mizuno. 1994. "A General Equilibrium Analysis on Rate-of-Return Regulation" Journal of International and Comparative Economics, 3(2):115-37.
Lewis, Tracy R., and David E. M. Sappington. 1994. "Supplying Information to Facilitate Price Discrimination" International Economic Review, 35(2):309-27.
Lynch, John G. Jr, Thomas E. Buzas, and Sanford V. Berg. 1994. "Regulatory Measurement and Evaluation of Telephone Service Quality" Management Science, 40(2):169-94.
Lee, James K. 1993. "Towards the Information Superhighway" Telecommunications Policy, 17(8):631-5.
Berg, Sanford V. 1993. "Evolution of US Electricity Regulation" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Lehman, Dale E., and Dennis L. Weisman. 1993. "The Industry That Cried Wolf: Telcos and Bypass: Past, Present, and Future- Reply" Public Utilities Fortnightly, 131(17):5-6.
Brown, David T., Tracy R. Lewis, and Michael D. Ryngaert. 1993. "The Real Debate: Overpurchased Power" The Electricity Journal, 7(7):61-73.
Lewis, Tracy R., and David E. M. Sappington. 1993. "A Note on Optimal Dynamic Incentive Schemes" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Berg, Sanford V. 1993. "Telecommunications: Balancing Regulation and the Marketplace" Public Utilities Fortnightly, 131(10):15-7.
Weisman, Dennis L. 1993. "Dominance, Non-Dominance, and the Public Interest in Telecommunications" Telecommunications Policy, 17(2):98-106.
Weisman, Dennis L., and Louis C. Gapenski. 1993. "Imputation Rules in Regulated Industries: The Case of Telecommunications" Telecommunications Policy, 17(1):49-60.
Weisman, Dennis L., Dale E. Lehman, and Donald J. Kridel. 1993. "Option Value, Telecommunications Demand, and Policy" Information Economics and Policy, 5(2):125-44.
Sappington, David E. M., and David Sibley. 1993. "Regulatory Incentive Policies and Abuse" Journal of Regulatory Economics, 5(2):131-41.
Weisman, Dennis L. 1993. "Superior Regulatory Regimes in Theory and Practice" Journal of Regulatory Economics, 5(4):355-66.
Berg, Sanford V. 1992. "New Technologies and LEC Competition" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Diewert, Erwin W., and Sanford V. Berg. 1992. "Applying Cost Indices to Incentive Regulation" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Eckmann, David E., and Louis C. Gapenski. 1992. "Selecting Discount Rates for Cash Flows and Revenue Requirements" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Berg, Sanford V., and Dennis L. Weisman. 1992. "A Guide to Cross-Subsidization and Price Predation: Ten Myths" Telecommunications Policy, 16(6):447-59.

Results 526-550 of 759

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