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Jamison, Mark A. 1997. "How the Federal Communications Commission has Conducted Radio Spectrum Auctions in the US." , Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Jamison, Mark A., and Patricia Figliola Lewis. 1997. Universal Service for Schools and Libraries: A Handbook for Planning and Funding Technology. Dallas: GT Press.
Lewis, Tracy R., and David E. M. Sappington. 1997. "Penalizing Success in Dynamic Incentive Contracts: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?" RAND Journal of Economics, 28(2):346-58.
Berg, Sanford V. 1997. "Florida Energy Policy Forums - 1996" National Regulatory Research Institute Quarterly Bulletin, 18(2):183-92.
Jamison, Mark A. 1997. "Let the Customer Decide" Heller Report, 7(2):8-9.
Weinhaus, Carol, Paul Vasington, and Sanford V. Berg. 1997. "Regulatory Wild Cards: Unforeseen Impacts on Investment Decisions in Regulated Companies" In 1997 Annual Review of Communications, ed. Andre Sulluchuco, 339-46. Chicago: International Engineering Consortium.
Lewis, Tracy R., and David E. M. Sappington. 1997. "Information Management in Incentive Problems" Journal of Political Economy, 105(4):796-821.
Lewis, Tracy R., and Michel Poitevin. 1997. "Disclosure of Information in Regulatory Proceedings" Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 13(1):50-73.
Jamison, Mark A. 1997. "Principles for Estimating Universal Service Costs" , Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Jamison, Mark A. 1997. "A Furthur Look at Proper Cost Tests for Natural Monopoly" , Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Jamison, Mark A. 1997. "Estimating Costs for Universal Service Obligations" Telecommunications Journal of Australia, 47(1):51-58.
Berg, Sanford V. 1997. "Priorities in Market Reform: Regulatory Structures and Performance" Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy, 7(2):89-101.
Lewis, Tracy R. 1996. "Protecting the environment when costs and benefits are privately known" RAND Journal of Economics, 27(4):819-47.
Soter, Dennis, Eugene Brigham, and Paul Evanson. 1996. "Dividend Cut Heard 'Round the World: The Case of FPL" Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 9(1):4-16.
Sappington, David E. M., and Dennis L. Weisman. 1996. "Potential Pitfalls in Empirical Investigations of the Effects of Incentive Regulation Plans in the Telecommunications Industry" Information Economics and Policy, 8(2):125-40.
Berg, Sanford V., and R. Dean Foreman. 1996. "Incentive Regulation and Telco Performance: A Primer" Telecommunications Policy, 20(9):637-40.
Kridel, Donald J., David E. M. Sappington, and Dennis L. Weisman. 1996. "The Effects of Incentive Regulation in the Telecommunications Industry: A Survey" Journal of Regulatory Economics, 9(3):269-306.
Jamison, Mark A. 1996. "General Conditions for Subsidy-Free Prices" Journal of Economics and Business, 48(4):371-85.
Sappington, David E. M. 1996. "Principles of Regulatory Policy Design" In Infrastructure Delivery: Private Initiative and the Public Good, ed. Ashoka Mody, 79-105. Washington, D.C.: World Bank.
Hamilton, Jonathan H., and Jacques-Francois Thisse. 1996. "Nonlinear Pricing in Spatial Oligopoly" Economic Design, 2(1):379-97.
Weisman, Dennis L., and Dale E. Lehman. 1996. "Access Charges for Private Networks Interconnecting with Public Systems" In Private Networks and Public Objectives, ed. Eli M. Noam, and Aine Nishuilleabhain, 209-27. Amsterdam: North Holland/Elsevier.
Berg, Sanford V. 1995. "Recovery of Joint Costs in a Competitive Environment" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Berg, Sanford V. 1995. "What Can We Learn from the US Experience in Regulating Monopolies?" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.
Berg, Sanford V. 1995. "Reconciling Social Issues and Infrastructure Provisions: The US Experience" University of Florida, Department of Economics, PURC Working Paper.

Results 476-500 of 760

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