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Dr. Aner Sela
Ph.D. Coordinator
352.273.3271 | Email (aner.sela at

Ph.D. Students

  • Cammy Crolic

    5th year
    Research interests: emotions, consumption expertise, consumer inference-making
    CV | Email (cammy.schulz at | 352-273-3285

  • Joshua Kim

    2nd year
    Research interests: consumer well-being, emotion, self-control, power
    Email ( at

  • Charis Li

    2nd year
    Research interests: charitable giving, choice architecture, self-other relationship
    Email ( at

  • Jihwan Moon

    4th year
    Email (jihwan.moon at | 352-273-3275

  • Gia Nardini

    5th year
    Research interests: experiential consumption, decision difficulty, consumer multitasking
    CV | Email (gnardini at | 352-273-3285

  • Jane Park

    3rd year
    Research interests: goals and motivation, prosocial behavior, happiness
    Email (jane.park at | 352-273-3285

  • Sungsik (Clay) Park

    3rd year
    Research Interests: social interaction, word of mouth, observational learning
    Email (clay.park at | 352-273-3285

  • Qiaoni (Tina) Shi

    1st year
    Email (qiaoni.shi at

  • Hyunjung (Elle) Yoon

    1st year
    Email (hyunjung.yoon at | 352-273-3285

  • Huazhong Zhao

    5th year
    Research interests: social network, internet advertising and sales, online entertainment
    Email (huazhong at | (352) 273-3275

  • Yanmei Zheng

    5th year
    Research interests: intrinsic motivation, happiness and consumption experiences
    Email (ymzheng at | 352-273-4043


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