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For whom is this program appropriate?
Our Ph.D. program is appropriate for students who would like to become influential research scholars in the field of marketing. Applicants have high GPAs and test scores, undergraduate degrees in marketing or a related field (e.g., psychology, economics, statistics), and research experience. Students should desire an academic position at a top university, and possess the motivation and ability to attain this goal.
How long is the program?
Most students complete the program in four to five years. Students who are particularly advanced may be able to complete the program in less time.
Do you offer a distance or weekend program?
No. A quality Ph.D. education requires that you be in residence taking classes and conducting research. These activities require that you be on campus during daytime hours.
Do students receive financial assistance?
Yes, all students admitted into our Ph.D. program will receive four years of financial assistance in the form of a graduate fellowship or research assistantship. Students also receive a tuition and fee waiver and a competitive research stipend ($23,000 in 2006). At the discretion of the department, students may also be offered a fifth year of support in return for teaching two sections of an undergraduate class.
How much teaching is required?
Students are required to teach one section of an undergraduate class, typically in their third year of study. This allows students to demonstrate their effectiveness as a teacher, something that will be important when applying for academic positions. Students are also offered a fifth year of financial support in return for teaching two additional sections. Students typically teach the same class, and share class materials across semesters to lessen the impact of teaching on their research program.
What is a typical curriculum?
Every student has unique goals and backgrounds, and we tailor the program to best suit each student's individual needs. Students must complete 90 credit hours, many of which may accrue through research. Typical curricula can be found on our curriculum page.
Can I transfer credits from another program?
The UF Graduate School determines on a case by case basis whether to accept a particular course for transfer. Typically, this is based on the applicability of the course to the Marketing Ph.D. program. No more than 30 credit hours may be transferred from a masters program and no more than 45 total credits may be transferred from any program. Additionally, students must have received a B grade in any class they wish to transfer.
How many students are in the Ph.D. program?
There are usually from ten to fourteen students in the program at any point in time.
What are the goals of the Ph.D. program?
Our Ph.D. program is designed to train students to become leading researchers of consumer behavior and marketing science at top universities. Our program is not an appropriate option for people wishing to work in industry.
What is academic marketing research?

Academic marketing research is research that answers fundamental questions about the behavior of consumers, companies, managers, and markets. It is distinguished from applied research which tends to answer questions in a circumscribed domain or with limited generality. For examples of such academic research, you can read recent issues of the following journals at your local library, or look at the papers published by our faculty:

  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • Marketing Science
  • Journal of Marketing
How good is UF's Ph.D. program in Marketing?
Our Ph.D. program is regarded as one of the top marketing programs in the world. We are known for producing well-trained researchers who have considerable impact on the discipline. Our students receive better job placements and win more awards, on average, than those of any other Ph.D. program. A Ph.D. from UF is an excellent way to begin your academic career.
Where else should I be applying?
There tends to be a relationship between the quality of a Ph.D. program and the productivity of the faculty. To review research productivity rankings, visit the UT Dallas Research Ranking site, and search by the four marketing journals listed above. This will give you a sense of what some of the top schools are. Then, visit the websites for these departments, and review their faculty research and the details of their Ph.D. program. You should probably consider the productivity of the faculty, the degree of focus the department places on their Ph.D. program, the quality and type of training supplied by each program, and specific research interests of the faculty at each school.


What is the application deadline?
Your admissions materials should be received by the marketing department by January 1. We will not accept late applications.
Do you admit students in the spring?
No, we only admit students in the Fall of each year.
How many students are admitted each year?
We typically admit two or three students each year.
Is a background in marketing required?
No. Applicants must have completed a Bachelors degree, but this degree may be in any discipline. It is beneficial to have some familiarity with marketing, but it is typically more important to have a background in the theory and methods relevant for your particular area of focus (e.g., cognitive or social psychology for behavioral research or econometrics or statistics for quantitative research).
Do I need an MBA or other advanced degree?
No. Post-baccalaureate degrees may be useful if you can demonstrate that they are directly connected to your proposed area of study, but they are not necessary.
What GPA is needed for admission?
The minimum acceptable GPA for graduate students is 3.0. Most applicants have GPAs of 3.6 or higher. We will consider your undergraduate GPA as well as your GPA in any post-baccalaureate degree programs.
What test scores are needed for admission?
The Warrington College of Business Administration requires that graduate applicants have at least a 600 GMAT or a 1250 GRE. Most students admitted into our program have GMAT scores of 700 or greater or GRE scores of 1400 or greater. Students with lower test scores are occasionally admitted, but only if they are outstanding on other admissions criteria.
Do you prefer the GMAT or GRE test?
Either test is acceptable.
Do you require a TOEFL test?
TOEFL scores are required of applicants from countries where English is not the official language, including applicants from U.S. territories and protectorates. This requirement may be waived if you have spent at least one academic year at a college or university in a country where English is the official language, excluding intensive English language programs. You should notify the department if you intend to apply for such a waiver. Minimum scores for admission are 600 on the paper test or 250 on the electronic test.
How do I send you my standardized test scores?
Notify the testing company that you would like your scores sent to the Department of Marketing, University of Florida. They will then send the scores to us. You may also want to tell us your test scores in your application.
What are the codes for sending test scores?
The code is J7Z5J59 for the GMAT, and 5812 for the GRE and TOEFL.
How recent must my test scores be?

GRE or GMAT tests must have been taken within the last five years.

TOEFL tests must have been taken within the last two years.

What materials must I submit with my application?
To apply to our Ph.D. program, you must first complete an online application at the UF Admissions website. You will receive a UFID number in this process. You should then provide the Marketing Department with the following application materials:
  • A curriculum vita or academic resume. It should list all of your academic experience, relevant classes taken, honors and awards, and anything else that demonstrates your preparation for a research program.
  • A statement of purpose outlining your proposed area of study and how your academic background prepares you for this program.
  • Academic transcripts for every program in which you have been enrolled. You will need to provide UF admissions with official transcripts, but you may provide us with copies. Foreign transcripts should include a full English translation (including course titles) and any interpretative materials (e.g., GPA translation tables).
  • Your standardized test scores (GRE/GMAT, TOEFL if necessary).
  • Three or more letters of recommendation. Ideally, these letters will be written by professors familiar with your work, and will discuss your academic training and preparation for a Ph.D. program.
  • Although it is not required, you may want to provide us with samples of your previous work. This might include published papers, research papers written for class, and so forth. We will use these to judge your research potential and writing ability.
What do you look for in an applicant?
We look for applicants who are intelligent, well-prepared, and motivated to contribute important insights to the field of marketing. Your academic history and test scores help us judge your intelligence. Your transcripts allow us to judge your level of preparation for our program. And your statement of purpose and letters of recommendation will ideally speak to all three criteria.
How do I apply?

Once you have completed an online application at the UF Admissions website, you should send a packet containing your admissions materials to:

Ph.D. Program Admissions
Department of Marketing
P.O. Box 117155
Warrington College of Business Administration
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7155

You may also email (mktphdprogram at department application materials.

When will I hear whether I have been accepted?
We will notify you by mail or email around March 1. Please do not email asking for status updates until after the first week of March.


Deadline: January 1, 2015


Dr. Lyle Brenner
Ph.D. Coordinator
Email (lyle.brenner at


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