The Department recommends that students select one of three areas of study. Students concentrating on consumer behavior will take seminars that provide a background on cognitive and social psychology plus methods courses that develop experimental design and analysis skills. Students concentrating on managerial topics will take seminars that provide a background in organizational behavior and strategy plus methods courses that develop survey design and structural equation modeling skills. Students concentrating on quantitative modeling will take seminars that provide a background in economics and mathematics and methods courses that develop skills in formulating analytical models or estimating statistical models.

Sample Curricula

Behavioral & Managerial

Fall 1st Year
  • STA 6166 Statistical Methods in Research I
  • MAR 7636 Research Methods in Marketing
  • MAR 7507 Perspectives in Consumer Behavior
Spring 1st Year
  • STA 6167 Statistical Methods in Research II
  • MAR 7788 Consumer Information Processing
  • MAR7629 Experimental Design and Analysis
Summer 1st Year
  • EDF 6436 Theory of Measurement
Fall 2nd Year
  • MAR 7626 Multivariate Statistics in Marketing
  • MAR 7666 Marketing Decision Models
  • EDF 7412 Structural Equation Models
    EDF 7932 Multivariate Analysis
Spring 2nd Year
  • MAR 7589 Judgment and Decision Making
  • MAR 7786 Marketing Literature (Strategy)
Fall 3rd Year
  • EDF 7432 Advanced Psychometrics
  • STA 4930 Multivariate Stat. Methods


Fall 1st Year
  • MAR 7666 Marketing Decision Models
  • AEB 6106 Microeconomic Principles
    ECO 6805 Math Methods
  • ECO 5415 Math Statistics
    STA 4221 Math Statistics I
Spring 1st Year
  • ECO 5424 Econometrics I *
  • ECO 6406 Math Techniques II
Fall 2nd Year
  • ECO 6426 Econometrics II *
  • AEB 6571 Econometric Methods 1 *
  • STA 4212 Categorical Data Analysis
    STA 6505 Categorical Data Analysis
    EDF 7932 Multivariate Data Analysis
Spring 2nd Year
  • ECO 6119 Information, Incentives,...
  • MAR 7786 Marketing Literature (Strategy)
Fall 3rd Year
  • MAR 7506 Perspectives in Consumer Behavior

* empirical

Program Requirements

Information on course requirements, supervisory committee, qualifying exams, dissertations, etc. can be found in the College's Ph.D. Program Requirements.


Deadline: January 1, 2019


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